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A Big Huge Thank You !! Chehalis Tribal Early Learning Programs The Natives Helping Neighbors Committee would like to thank everyone Expectant Mother’s Program who sponsored a family for the holidays. This year, we were able to help -Providing guidance & education for the mothers of our community 35 families from Rochester and Oakville. Families that were in need of a little extra this holiday season were blessed with donations from Chehalis Tribal and Chehalis Tribal Enterprises Employees. The support we received Enrolling Now! from employees was heartwarming. Services Provided: We had two fundraisers that together raised more than $600 to provide each „ Week by week fetal development. family with a holiday meal. Thank you for your generosity. We could not have „ Preparation leading up to labor & delivery. done this without you. „ Postpartum recovery, including information on maternal depression and the benefts of breastfeeding. StreSS relief from „ Transportation to & from appointments laughter? YeS, no joke Please contact Mary Sanders for an application & more information about When it comes to relieving stress, result? A good relaxed feeling. the Expectant Mother’s Program at 360-709-1891 more giggles and LOLs are just what the doctor ordered. Here’s „ Soothe tension. Laughter can why. also stimulate circulation and aid The Healthy Families Project muscle relaxation, both of which Whether you’re guiltily laughing out help reduce some of the physical Provides the following services: loud at an episode of “South Park” symptoms of stress. or quietly giggling at the latest Long Term Benefts „ Parenting skill development through positive native parenting newspaper cartoon, laughing does Laughter isn’t just a quick pick-me- practices and resources you good. Laughter is a great form up, though; it’s also good for you of stress relief and that’s no joke. over the long haul. Laughter may: „ Support and assistance in accessing prenatal care for pregnant Stress relief from laughter women A good sense of humor can’t cure „ Improve your immune system. „ Provide developmental guidance and parent-child interaction all ailments but data are mounting Negative thoughts manifest support. about the positive things laughter into chemical reactions that can can do. impact your body by bringing Provision of home visits for prenatal through 5 years. more stress into your system „ Short Term Benefts and decreasing your immunity. „ Developmental and observational screening of the child, caregiver, A good laugh has short term effects. In contrast, positive thoughts and family including home safety, developmental concerns, pre/ When you start to laugh, it doesn’t actually release neuropeptides post-natal depression in mothers, domestic violence and family just shorten your load mentally, it that help fght stress. actually induces physical changes in social support your body. Laughter can: „ Relieve pain. Laughter may ease pain by causing the body „ Referral and linkages to other health, developmental, mental to produce its own natural health, community and educational supports for the child, caregiver „ Stimulate many organs. painkillers. Laughter may also Laughter enhances your intake of and family as appropriate. oxygen-rich air, stimulates your break the pain-spasm cycle heart, lungs and muscles and common to some muscle For more information please contact: increases the endorphins that are disorders. Christibeth Burnett released by your brain. „ Increase personal satisfaction. Healthy Families Project Home Visitor Laughter can also make it easier Chehalis Tribal Education Dept. „ Activate and relieve your stress to cope with diffcult situations. It response. A rollicking laugh fres Cell: 360-463-1526 up and then cools down your also helps you connect with other Offce: 360-709-1627 stress response and increases your people. Fax: 360-273-5207 heart rate and blood pressure. The (Excerpt from a Mayo Clinic article) Email:    Page 7
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