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Higher Education News: Continued from Page 2..... The College fair was a great. We around as well. It was a great seeing had over 250 kids show up and 79 everyone. students were Native American Students. Schools Districts from Thirty-one College recruiters and Oakville, Taholah, Aberdeen, other organizations like, Big Brother Centralia, Tenino, and Winlock Big Sister Program, Army, College transported busloads of students Bound, and Great Wolf Lodge. to participate. We also had Native American clubs from White River There 15 minute breakout sessions School District, Puyallup Schools, provided students an opportunity to and Fife Schools. Although other learn more about a specifc college Dressed in their finest Hollywood style, students mingled with students might not have been able to or Scholarship information. It was fellow Native filmmakers and actors, including Dr. Evan Adams come in on a bus, many come in by a great addition as over 25 students of Smoke Signals “Hey Victor…” fame. the car loads. WF West of Chehalis attend breakout sessions. Our goal buildings flled with art, clothes experience was amazing. I had had over 15 kids show up on their for next year is to have more out of and accessories, hotels, or just a an incredible experience walking own. Toledo had 8 kids, a few from state college’s available. I would place to eat. Each day we all got to around the streets, meeting new Castle Rock, Adna, Elma, Onalaska, really like to include Oregon State, choose what we ate, whether it was people, seeing new flms, just and 11 students from Centralia Idaho State and Montana State just a burger or a four-star meal; it everything. I was really interested was always delicious or exquisite. in that singer Crystal Shawanda. College Teen Program. We had Universities. As we wandered this modern-age Her songs made me cry and the quite a few adults come and walk jungle we found out more and more stories that were in her songs were of the city, such as the people’s inspirational. And the flms that Coming up this next year: beliefs and how they stand up for we saw were weird, but they were them. One of the last days, we pretty cool. I also liked the music „ Winter quarter start date at Centralia College and most colleges will were able to see a large protest just video that the Natives (80’s thrash be January 2, 2013. Open registration is December 5, 2012. Our walking down the street. We asked metal legends Testament) made program will be hosting classes at the Chehalis Tribal Community the cab driver if he was accustomed about the Whites trying to take to this. He says “Yeah, this happens the land. My experience was… I Center again, most classes are Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 11:00 just about every week.” We asked can’t explain. It was amazingly AM. if they’re going to get arrested for wonderful. I really look forward to „ Spring quarter start date at Centralia College, and most other breaking some sort of law like next year’s flm festival. blocking traffc or something. The Community Colleges will be April 1, 2013. During spring quarter driver says “No. The cops are just Brooke Allen: When the Chehalis you should also be thinking about fall quarter by making sure you here so the protestors don’t get youth went to San Francisco for the have FAFSA done. Classes will be hosted at the Chehalis Tribal attacked by a pedestrian or some American Indian Film Festival, it Community Center. (expletive) like that.” was very fun. I learned many things while I was in San Francisco . I met „ Our Chehalis Tribal Member honor dinner for students who have Jordan Bird: My experience in San many talented people and had lots achieved their G.E.D., Associates Arts Degree, Bachelors Degree, Francisco for the American Indian of conversations and learned a lot. Masters Degree, and/or higher will be May 2013. If you have not Film Festival was great. I talked to One of the highlights while in San been previously honored, please provide me with the following: for a flmmaker from Canada and we Francisco, during the Film Festival talked for about a half-hour about I got to meet Evan Adams ( Thomas the G.E.D appreciation you must have your certifcate and/or test a Mesnak (turtle). He told me how from Smoke Signals ). Emily and scores. Recipients of the Higher Education Degrees will be honored they flmed the turtle and where I got to take a picture and talk to regardless of the date, or the degree that was received. Everyone they found it. He is from a tribe in him for a few minutes. After being wishing to be honored must turn in a copy of your certifcate or Canada and he told me a story of inspired by the American Indian diplomas no later than April 1, 2013. this turtle that swam from India all Filming Tour that came to the rez, I the way to Canada and it weighed have decided to do more short flms. For more information please contact Rachel Mendez, Higher Education over 1100 pounds. I am going to be in a short flm in Coordinator at 360-709-1698 or email: January about Family and many of Emily Ortivez: My California life’s situations. I am very excited    Page 3
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