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2012 Annual General Council Meeting reported on their CTE Debt Plan. Maintaining the same goals of: „ We continued to be responsible Emphasizing Tribal Management; for staffng Cultural Resource Maintaining a Professional Management within the Organization; Keeping focus reservation and the Chehalis on proftability and cash fow; River Basin. The site work Improvement on current is completed (e.g., Fish Weirs Enterprise Operations; Fostering Preservation project; Mellon to tribal member employment; Blakeslee Project; Klickitat Creek Generating tribal government Project; Aberdeen Wastewater taxes; and searching for new Treatment Plan Project; BPA business opportunities. This year Opus Site Project; Airport Road each manager was introduced Project; Newaukum Bridge to the General Council giving a Project; Rainbow Falls Project; short report updating the progress Coffee Creek Project; and Le and success for each enterprise Claquato Project). they supervise. Tribal members registering before voting for the Business „ His team is available at the Committee Reports Committee on Election day at the Annual Meeting. Tribal Center three (3) days a week on Monday, Tuesday and/ Enrollment Committee: Submitted On Saturday, November 10 was properties from fee to trust. the their list of 24 children to be the 2012 Election Day and Annual Please see the map showing the or Wednesday and Thursday for enrolled into the Tribe. All were Meeting. Many tribal members expansion of the tribal land base more information. accepted to be enrolled. came and cast their vote for available with Mark White at the Enterprises Reports the Business Committee before Department of Natural Resource Trust Committee report talked attending the Annual Meeting. Offce. „ Lucky Eagle Casino: Rodney about changes they are developing The Election Committee deserve a Youckton and Joseph DuPuis for those youth turning 18. special thanks for their dedication. „ We received federal recognition gave an update on the Soaring Proposed in making it a tiered The results were: David Burnett, from the National Park Service Services. Continuing the program. Also adding a fnancial Chairman; Ray “Barnaby: Canales, to apply Jurisdiction over tribal development of training of Tribal education program to assist them in Vice-Chairman; Cheryle Starr, cultural properties. We now meet members. The TGEM Program managing their money. Secretary; Farley Youckton, the requirements for assumption continues to be a success. It Treasurer; and Dan “Bones” of THPO jurisdiction to establish is rewarding to see the growth Health Board: Updated the policy Gleason, Sr., 5 council. a Tribal Historic Preservation and success our Tribal members regarding tribal members coverage th Offce. working for the Casino. on over the counter drugs. Tribal Business Report „ We completed four (4) surveys in „ Great Wolf Lodge: Patrick order to clarify tribal boundaries Alvarez, General Manager Constitution Committee: Continue Richard Bellon, General Manager working on revisions to add two gave an update on the projects he’s and ownership of Anderson Road submitted his report. Hotel additional positions to the Business been working on. and expand the tribal cemetery. turnovers is a problem statewide. Committee and staggered terms to Now road improvements are So not as many tribal members possible and cemetery boundaries working for the maintain some stability at that level. He’s been working with Dan Penn, Jolynn Goertz, and newly added to are in place. GWL. Introduced the the team is Heather Youckton. „ We initiated a dialogue to tribal liason, Trudy strengthen the tribal fsheries Marcellay to the Projects and Accomplishments by reviewing the existing General Council. He management structure and also hoped to enhance „ We contributed to infrastructure exploring the possibility of the gift shop with management and development transition to departmental products from Native of improving of the tribal water structure. This is a one (1) American artists system to deal with fres on the year transition plan with through consignment. reservation. implementation objectives and „ Chehalis Tribal „ We participated in meeting the measurable outcomes in being put Enterprises: Chris Tribal Programs were available in the federal regulatory requirements in place to establish a stand alone Richardson and gathering room to provide information for transfer of recently purchased Fisheries Department. David Youckton and resources offered to tribal members. Page 4   
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