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Youth News Chehalis Tribe Students of the Program Seeking Information Month for February 2013 Karen Little Bear Davis (9-12) Little Bear is a Junior at High School GRADUATES Oakville High School. She enjoys working in her Metals The Education Department is seeking information on the following students that class because it’s fun and she may be graduating this year, but that we have been unable to contact. always has a new project to work on. After high school, If you or someone you know has contact information for any of these individuals, Little Bear plans on attending or any other high schoolers that are on track to graduate this year. college to complete her 4-year Nursing degree and Please contact: to study Photography. She Taaffe Wyatt at 360-709-1759 encourages others to be a strong Racheal Mendez at 360-709-1698 example, proving that you can accomplish things in life Autum Beckwith Kayleen Fulton Lela Pulsifer Tyler Beckwith without drugs and alcohol. Ostynn Farrier Duane William, Jr. Roberta Youckton (6-8) Shayleen Fulton Rose William Roberta is in the 8 th grade at Oakville Middle School. Her favorite subject is Gym; she likes getting a good workout every day. She enjoys her time at school because she gets to learn new things and spend time with her friends. Roberta’s advice to other kids is to “Stay in school!” Nathan Kluth (K-5) Nathan is attending Oakville Elementary in the 1 grade. He really st likes math, though he Kathryn Akeah admits his favorite part Youth from the Five Tribes are invited to Phone: 360-462-3228 about school is actually attend the seventh annual Native Youth Fax: 360-426-1282 POWER Conference. This year it will be recess. Nate hopes to be held at the Great Wolf Lodge on May 24th email: “a cop” when he grows and 25th. up, so that he can help Attention people. Topics covered during the conference Chehalis Tribal Youth include traditional wellness plays and creating healthy messages for Native Youth Chehalis Tribal Youth interested From the Education Department: As a reward for their using modern social media and networking. in attending this conference. commitment to school and personal growth, each student of the month will receive a $50.00 gift card from the Education & Contact: Please contact William Thoms Development Department. Congratulations, Keep up the good SPIPA Cancer Control Program work! 3104 SE Old Olympia Hwy. at 360-709-1597. Page 10   
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