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News from the Higher Education Coordinator: or Certifcates in Higher Education. „ Doctoral Degree — It takes about In order to be honored you must fve years for the average student If are you interested in College Application for Federal Student Aid have at least one of the following: to complete a doctoral degree. this next fall (September) 2013, be (FAFSA) FAFSA sure to fll out the Chehalis Tribal must be completed in order for „ GED: General Education „ For the G.E.D appreciation you Scholarship packet and apply for you to qualify for the full Chehalis Diploma, with in the last 2 years must have your certifcate and or admissions to the school of choice. Tribal Scholarship Award. For the test scores. With most universities they have Basic Chehalis Tribal Scholarship „ Certifcate of Completion — Recipients of the Higher Education deadlines, but with community Award FAFSA is not required. By These typically take a year. Degrees will be honored regardless college you still have time! Your submitting a FAFSA you will be of the date, the degree was received. Chehalis Tribal Scholarship packet reviewed for grants, work-study „ Associate’s Degree — This type Everyone wishing to be honored will need to be completely fnished and maybe a large amount of other of degree requires about 90 credits must turn in a copy of your one month before your college additional funds. of study. certifcate or diploma by April 1, quarter starts. If college is not what „ Bachelor’s Degree —Students 2013. If I’m not available you are you’re interested in, then now would Besides thinking of admissions and pursuing a bachelor’s degree more than welcome to leave all your be great time to start thinking of FAFSA on Thursday, May 9 at complete 180+ credits. information in my mail box at the th other educational goals like technical the Community Center we will be tribal center or in my offce. school, or a vocational program. hosting another honor dinner for „ Master’s Degree — In order to those who have not been honored obtain a master’s degree, students If you have any question please feel After you have completed you’re yet. This will be for all Chehalis must have already obtained a free to contact Racheal Mendez at taxes this year fle for your Free Tribal members who have diplomas bachelor’s degree. 360-709-1698. GED Changes for Washington State Centralia College at the Community Center Advice for GED students for the year 2013 Centralia College will be offering college level classes at the Chehalis Tribal Community Center To earn a GED under the current test version, all fve required tests this spring quarter. All classes are open to anyone wanting to pursue a higher education. Chehalis Tribal members will be paid through the Higher Education program. must be completed by December 2013. Starts: Monday, April 1, 2013 „ If a student has taken and passed only a portion of the current tests, they will need to complete and pass all the tests prior to Schedule will go as follows: December 31, 2013. 8120 Psychology 100 TC (5) 8:00-8:50 Monday and Wednesday Hybrid Neal „ Otherwise, they will have to start over with the new tests in The scientifc study of behavior history research methods, biology of behavior, lifespan development, sensation and perception, learning, memory intelligence, motivation, emotion, January 2014. personality, psychological disorders and therapies and social psychology. New test, new delivery method „ The paper-based tests will be gradually eliminated as test centers 8121 English 102TC3 (5) 10:00-11:30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday Erickson A argumentative and persuasive writing, methods of research, development and preparation of an transition to computer-based testing during 2013. During this original research paper. Prerequisite English 101 time, a combination of paper-based and computer-based will be available. Once the new GED tests are released in 2014, only 8204 EDUC 130 CT3 (3) 9:00-10:00 Monday and Wednesday Hybrid Jenni Hines computer-based testing will be available. Students will examine the principles and theories that promote social abilities in young children. Coursework will help caregivers work with children to develop skills for effective interactions. „ Tests are taken in person at a monitored test center and are not Students will examine techniques that positively guide children and enhance group experience. available online. 8166 Human Res. Management 210AP1 (5) Meet 3-4 times a quarter mostly Online Smejkal Beginning in January 2014 Introduction to fundamental concepts of human relations management. This course will focus The two organizations that jointly administer the national GED® on recruiting, employee selection and training, employee performance and compensation, and Testing Service — the American Council on Education and the for- employee laws and labor relations. proft Pearson Vue electronic testing service — have made changes In order to take these classes you must… that will impact colleges and students. • Apply to Centralia College Beginning in January 2014, the GED® exams will be: o Receive acceptance letter „ Delivered in a computer-based format only. o To do this go to „ The current fve tests will be condensed into four tests that • You must take the Compass test at Centralia College align with the national Common Core State Standards. The o You may go to the Phoenix Center/Library at the Centralia College or call standards are designed to ensure every student is ready to compete Racheal Mendez to fnd out a good time for her to drive you there. o The test cost’s $15.00 (Chehalis Tribal Members test will be paid through and succeed; whether in higher education or better careers in the the Education Program) global economy. The current fve-part GED® test was last revised • Chehalis Tribal members must also have a completed Chehalis Tribal Higher in 2002. Education Scholarship application done. If you would like more information please contact Racheal Mendez Please feel free to contact Racheal Mendez at the Community Center. 360-709-1698 or email:, or 360-709-1698.    Page 7
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