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Garden from page 1.... donated seeds for the garden and Road Improvement Plans to a chance to give out fresh vegetables our youth program will be helping and fruit to our community. This with seeding. We will also have garden will help showcase to our a few summer youth working in Relieve Flooding Impacts on youth and community that we the garden again this year. Any can grow our own food and make donation is greatly appreciated South Bank Road healthy choices for meals and and we thank you for considering snacks. We hope to collaborate with supporting this project. some of the Tribal programs to help promote a healthy lifestyle. We also We have already accepted some plan to offer canning, drying, and donations this year and have been cooking classes. given more land from a Tribal Elder. Another program will also This year the youth center will be be donating pumpkin starters for a helping with the seeding of the pumpkin patch. We are grateful for produce and high school students all the help we are receiving. will be helping to get the ground ready to plant for this season. Special Thanks for Donations, Workers and Volunteers!! Donations Janice Latch, Chehalis Business It is a new year for our Community Committee, Vocational Proposed improvements to Sickman Ford Bridge on South Garden Project and we plan to get Rehabilitation Program, Shannon Bank Road to minimize flood impacts. Work is scheduled to a better start this season. There Sullivan, Correna Young, Ray begin in March 2013 is a brochure available about the Secena Jr., Maintenance Crew, Community Garden which will Youth workers: George “Geo” Just before South Bank Road changes to the Sickman Ford hopefully raise awareness of the Jack, Gary Ortivez III & Jordan crosses the Sickman Ford Bridge Bridge and will not impact the project, to give people a chance Bray, Lucky Eagle Casino, Derwin near Oakville, the roadway is normal fows of the river. Grays to offer their support. We hope to Goddard Family, HWY 99 Nursery built on 6-10 feet of dirt fll to Harbor County supports the get funding, as well any additional & Territorial Seed Company and raise it up out of the food zone. project and will maintain the new resources we may need for our Volunteers: Steve Burnett, Melvin The fll under the road, blocks bridge once it’s built, as part of project. We are very fortunate that Youckton, and Winona Youckton! food waters from passing freely South Bank Road. Janice Latch donated the use of through the area and causes water land for the garden and that the We are always looking for more to back up onto the reservation. Some tribal transportation funds Chehalis Tribe Business Committee volunteers! Come out and join During large foods, that back- will likely be needed to complete graciously donated funds last year. in the gardening fun of learning watering effect causes the water the project and provide funding Currently, this project is not funded and working together. For more to build up and eventually cross for an employee from your by any organization and is relying information or for scheduling, South Bank Road with increased Chehalis Construction Company solely on donations and volunteers. please feel free to contact: force, damaging the road and to act as the Tribe’s eyes and Orinda Goddard Tribal lands. ears on the project. The project With that said, we are asking for 360-709-1735 starts in March, but you won’t donations and contributions to help or The Chehalis Tribe has received see too much activity until and support our Community Garden, Shannon Sullivan a $2,075,000 grant from the May and June. At that point, a and we gladly welcome volunteers! 360-709-1771 State of Washington to build a temporary detour road will be Territorial Seed Company has new food relief bridge on South built in the feld next to South Bank Road and remove several Bank Road and construction will Community Garden Project thousand cubic yards of that fll. really get going. The bridge is Before After The new bridge will allow food scheduled to be completed in late waters to return to their historic September and should be in place food channels, thereby reducing to help reduce fooding in this the back-watering effect that winter’s food season. occurs in that area during a food. The new food relief bridge will For more information contact: be a 250 foot concrete bridge on South Bank Road, located just Glen Connelly, Environmental east of the Sickman Ford Bridge. Programs Manager This project will not include any at 360-709-1854 Page 2   
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