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Early Learning Families Learn the Creation Story of the Chehalis People On Thursday, March 21 , our to show us the pictures that told the st Chehalis tribal early learning story on the blanket. The families families came together to celebrate loved sitting, listening, and learning spring with a parent meeting on about the Chehalis culture. Dianne Chehalis culture. Dianne Devlin did a wonderful job catching the was our gracious guest speaker. children’s attention and teaching us She told us stories about the native through storytelling. Chehalis people. We started the evening with soup, hot casserole, Thank you, Dianne, and thank you and buckskin bread, which is a to all the families for coming! favorite that Granny Annie passed down to our kitchen Upcoming Events before her retirement. for the Early Learning Families came together Programs: to hear stories about the Chehalis people from long April 29 - ½ Day th ago. Dianne told us her In-Service-Childcare Open traditional Chehalis Creation Story. She came wrapped April 30 - Parent Meeting th Dianne Devlin, Cultural Coordinator shared the Creation story in her beautiful button Head Start Building-5:00 PM told on the button blanket about the Chehalis people with the blanket and at the end of the Dinner & Childcare provided Headstart Early learning families. Creation Story she held it up Seniors Present Their Projects to Judges Panel in Preparation for Graduation Students of the Oakville her project, due to a Senior Graduating Class signifcant number of presented their state students moved and/or mandated senior projects returned to school. to a panel of eight judges on March 15, 2013. Heather Daniels Judges were: Mary Mulvaney, Judith Palmer, Heather Daniels hosted Winona Youckton, Mel a Native American Youckton, Bill Scholl, Cook-Off in the school Ginger Garity, Nancy Elders, School staff and community members volunteered to be the judges for the library on December Romero and Pam Oakville Senior Projects. Photo provided by Oakville High School 15, 2012 which was enjoyed by many in the Youckton. Several were not prepared to A few details of native students’ community. The frst present, but appeared as required to projects are: prize dish was smoked salmon by The judges were provided a rubric offer their apologies and thank the Maynard Starr which was quite with 12 criteria to use for scoring judges for their time. Those students Deidra Hawkes tasty. the presentations. Students also also presented successfully on a were able to receive verbal feedback designated date a week later. Each Deidra Hawkes created an excellent Nate Newton from the judges. Nancy Romero year the requirements for the senior 2013 Graduation slideshow, which has graciously arranged for several projects at Oakville have increased features a different song chosen by Nate Newton built a beautiful elders to judge senior projects the in rigor and formality and our each student, along with photos. Her and functional bench from a large last two years. The judges were students have stepped up to meet the inspiration was her slide show she recycled piece of wood, welding fair and consistent with the process challenge. initially created in memory of her the frame, and mounted it into the and all the students did very well brother, Paul Snell. One challenge concrete outside the campus door according to their scores and The community has reason to be was be able to get students to under a roof overhang for added feedback. proud of them. coordinate with her in time to fnish usefulness and protection.    Page 11
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