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Culture Matters in Indian Child Welfare The Confederated Tribes of the “We know from research that citizenship (National CASA, The with the application process Chehalis Reservation (Chehalis American Indian children in the Connection, Winter 2009). Culture „ Foster Parent Pre-service Training Tribe) is moving Indian Child child welfare system who are matters. „ Home safety assistance Welfare forward by exercising its connected to native culture thrive right to sovereignty. Instead of and do much better than those who The Chehalis Tribe Foster Care „ Continuing education/training placing native children who are in are not.” The Indian Child Welfare Licensing Program is underway „ Resources and referrals out of home care into Washington Act (ICWA) of 1978, requires that in its development and will begin „ Respite care state licensed foster homes, every state court dependency case implementation in the coming when necessary, we will place involving an American Indian/ month. Kim Burdick, who comes to Foster care is many things. Whether our children into foster homes Alaska Native child adhere to Chehalis from the Quinault Indian you are in it for the long haul or are certifed by the Chehalis Tribe specifc requirements. The act Nation is the program’s Foster Care just interested in becoming licensed Foster Care Licensing Program. generally requires that Native Recruiter and Licensor. Her offce to be available as an emergency In a government to government children, once removed, be placed is located in the Chehalis Tribe placement or as a respite home to agreement with Washington state whenever possible in homes that Resource Center and offce phone give other foster parents a break, and in meeting United States federal refect their unique cultures and number is 360-709-1782. you are needed! Our children, minimum requirements for foster values and that tribes be involved parents, and community need you. care licensing, the Chehalis tribe in placement decisions. These We can help you help a child! Please drop by for a chat to fnd out will hold jurisdiction over its own requirements are intended to protect Through the Chehalis Tribe Foster how you can help. foster homes. This is good for the integrity and future of tribal Care Licensing Program available at Kim’s offce phone number is 360- the tribe, for ensuring culture, and communities by protecting their no cost is: 709-1782. protecting our children. children’s cultural identity and tribal „ Assistance and follow through Staff Profle: ICW Foster Care Recruiter CONFEDERATED TRIBES OF THE It is good to be here. Before that I spent CHEHALIS RESERVATION My name is Kim 7 years with the FOSTER CARE LICENSING PROGRAM Burdick and I am the Children’s Advocacy Foster Care Recruiter Center of Grays Harbor and Licensor with in Montesano as their CONTACT: Chehalis Tribe ICW. Family Educator (and Kim Burdick, Foster Care Licensor This is a new and other titles as needed). 360-709-1782 exciting program for the This is where I found Chehalis Tribe. We will my niche and place. be licensing our own Advocating for and foster homes! supporting children and FOSTER PARENT TRAINING families is where my “EXTENDING OUR FAMILIES THROUGH UNITY” Just a little about who I heart is. “Extending our Families through Unity” is am... I am a mommy of Kim Burdick based on traditions and cultures of Indian two beautiful children. Foster Care Recruiter Currently I am people. It is designed to address issues Native My daughter, Aubrey ICW Program completing my Bachelor American foster parents have identifed as is 9 years old and my of Arts Degree with The important. In Native cultures, children are son, Beau is 7 years old. They are the Evergreen State College, Reservation considered sacred beings. The underlying best of who I am. My husband’s name Based Community Determined Program philosophy of this training is to help children is Hank. He works for the Westport at the Quinault site. I will graduate grow to meet their potential in mind, body, Shipyard. We’ve shared the last ffteen Spring, 2014. This is so exciting! It has spirit and emotions. years together. I am an auntie, a sister, been a long journey with my education and a daughter. My mama, Terry is a and I will be the frst in my family to strong and beautiful woman. She works receive a BA. I am honored to teach WHERE: Chehalis Tribe as a Chemical Dependency Professional my children that education is a valuable Social Services Conference Room for the Quinault Indian Nation. part of who they can become. WHEN: COMING SOON! TO BE ANNOUNCED I come to the Chehalis Tribe from My offce is located in the Resource Quinault Indian Nation. I was Center. Please stop by for a chat! I employed as their Domestic Violence look forward to getting to know our BECOME A FOSTER PARENT Prevention Program Coordinator. community. I’ll be seeing you! “This project supported by Administration for Native Americans Grant# 90NA8230-01-00”    Page 9
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