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Apple Health for Kids: Cost Effective Health Insurance for Working Families Contributed by Apple Health for Kids Success Story HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM NOW COVERS MORE KIDS AND TEENS As a hardworking mother of fve children, Nina George’s life is busy. From Apple Health for Kids offers Native and Hispanic/Latino populations running her kids around to their various activities, helping her son with American families a quality, free or that currently have lower levels special needs get stronger every day, and working full time, Nina has her low-cost insurance option of enrollment. Several partners hands full. are assisting with outreach efforts, More kids and teens in Washington including Community-Minded Like any good mother, Nina works hard to keep her kids healthy too. It’s no question; expenses add up quickly. That’s why a year and a half ago State qualify for health insurance Enterprises, Catholic Charities of Nina re-enrolled her kids in Apple Health for Kids, a free or low-cost health through Apple Health for Kids than the Diocese of Yakima, Kauffman and Associates, Inc. and Desautel ever before. Apple Health for Kids, insurance program for kids and teens in Washington State. a free or low-cost health insurance Hege Communications. program for kids and teens in Four of Nina’s children receive coverage under Apple Health for Kids. Not only is it a relatively quick and easy process to apply, but it has also had Washington State, seeks to provide “More families than ever are a positive impact on her budget. “It covers two pairs of eyeglasses a year, an affordable health insurance looking for ways to save money, but option to families across the state. still provide quality health care to immunizations which I was paying out of pocket for before, I qualifed With Apple Health for Kids, kids their children, and Apple Health for for a free cell phone, and AHFK recently paid for my daughters’ braces,” and teens under the age of 19 Kids is the perfect solution,” said Jo says Nina. “It has been very helpful.” Nina also appreciates the reminders she receives from the Apple Health for Kids service provider letting her receive quality medical, dental, Ann Kauffman, MPH, President and know it’s time for her kid’s immunizations and medical, dental and vision vision and prescription coverage. CEO of Kauffman and Associates, Inc. “Families, including those who In addition to having access to check-ups, all of which are covered by the program. Needless to say, Apple a network of doctors, hospitals use Indian Health Services, can Health for Kids has been a great solution for otherwise stressful situations and clinics, families will have easily enroll to have access to things that come with being a mother of fve young children. no copays or deductibles. New like x-rays, immunizations, well- Apple Health for Kids has three levels of eligibility depending on a family’s federal guidelines mean most child checks and maternity care.” income: no premium, a $20 monthly premium per child, and a $30 premium families that make up to 300% of per child. The program provides health insurance for children whose the federal poverty level qualify. The campaign is using an families are at or below 300% of the federal poverty level, which means Premiums range from free to $30 innovative, research-based model to that a family of four earning $5,700 per month would likely qualify for the per child, depending upon a family’s promote easy enrollment and offer program. No family pays more than two premiums per household a month, household income. No family will one-to-one support for people going and all levels of Apple Health for Kids provide the same coverage and do pay more than two premiums. For through the enrollment process. not require co-pays or deductibles. example, a family of four that makes $5,700 per month likely qualifes A new website,, As an enrolled tribal member of the Spokane Tribe of Indians, her kids for $30 per child, per month health has been developed which simplifes are also covered under Indian Health Services. Nina wishes more tribal insurance premiums. the application and links enrollees members understood they can have secondary coverage through Apple About one third of the 83,000 with representatives who can Health for Kids. uninsured children in Washington help fll out the forms and answer live in Pierce, King, Yakima, questions you may have. Phone While four of her children receive coverage through Apple Health for Kids, and Clark counties. While the interpreting is available in 240 her son with special needs became eligible for fee-for-service coverage Apple Health for Kids campaign languages. through DSHS, providing him with access to services that were not will include statewide outreach, available to him before. Over the years, access to statewide health insurance specifcally reaching target Hot Line: 1-877-543-7669 programs and resources has become much easier, beginning with Apple audiences in those four counties will Health for Kids. be a priority. Special attention will be given to American Indian/Alaska Apple Health for Kids is exclusively for kids and teens in Washington and Native, Asian/Pacifc Islander, covers medical, dental, vision and prescriptions. It also provides a network of doctors, hospitals and clinics. It even covers things like x-rays, lab work, maternity care, immunizations, well-child checks, and a 24-hour nurse hotline. “In the midst of my busy life, it’s nice to know that I can rest a little easier and use the time with my children not worrying about them receiving their health care needs.” Page 6   
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