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CHEHALIS The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation “People of the Sands” TRIBAL NEWSLETTER July 2013 Free Dinner Honors the 2013 High School Graduates Early Learning Program Activities Thursday, June 13, the Chehalis Tribe hosted their Bring Families Together annual senior recognition dinner at the Lucky Eagle Fatherhood Fishing Day Casino for the 2013 high school graduates. The What a busy two days Chehalis Chehalis community came Tribal Early Learning Programs together to celebrate this had! We ended our year with milestone in each graduate’s celebration after celebration, life. kicking it off with our annual Father’s Day breakfast, followed Dan Bones Gleason provided with baiting our hooks hoping to a heartfelt prayer to start The 2013 high school graduates receive Pendleton blankets at hook the big fsh! the night’s activities. Bill the Senior Recognition Dinner. Pictured (L-R) are Nate Newton, Thoms served as the MC for Heather Daniels, Lela Pulsifer, Halle Colson, Kendall Youckton- Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, the event, and also gave the Medina, Deidra Hawkes, Kayleen Fulton. brothers, cousins and friends welcoming speech. The Lucky were not many opportunities for a a successful businesswoman. joined in on our hearty breakfast Eagle Casino provided a splendid young Native American woman, Helen offered some sound advice here at our Head Start classrooms. and delicious meal. especially during the Depression. to the graduating seniors: Once we couldn’t eat anymore we She took an interest in her Tribe headed down to the pond behind Keynote Speaker - Helen Sanders and focused on protecting tribal „ Take advantage of the resources Fisheries, a perfect setting to spend available to become successful Helen shared some of her life lands against the unfair business in whatever you choose to do time together and get our fshing experiences, focusing on moments practices of the forestry industry with your life. on! from around the time of her own on the Quinault Reservation. Helen graduation, with the new graduates. never backed down from a fght „ Take interest in your Tribe and The Fisheries Department prepared When Helen was young, there and achieved her goal of becoming Continued on Page 2 the area around the pond, making Fireworks Show Celebrate the Season with a Heartfelt Salute! the area easily accessible for the In the middle of June, eighty-six celebrate Independence Day. Even freworks stands began popping with the added pressure from up throughout the Reservation in cities that have banned freworks, preparation of the 2013 freworks customers continue to celebrate season. Stand owners placed with their own freworks shows. hand-painted signs along the roads A few customers commented advertising that freworks were that they’ve selected spots where available to constomers. The there isn’t as much pressure from Continued on Page 11 freworks season had begun! law enforcement to stop them Inside from lighting freworks. Others Customers traveled great received permits, providing a safe Clothes Line Project .......................... 3 distances to purchase freworks environment for those coming to Community Transformation Grant .... 4 in preparation for Fourth of July their shows. Wellness News .................................. 5 celebrations, continuing annual Apple Health for Kids ...................... 6 family traditions to purchase their At the end of the day on the Vehicle Auction, Legal Notice .......... 7 freworks, getting their inner pyro Fourth, tribal and community July Birthdays ................................... 8 fx to “blow things up!” Many Olivia and Charlie Latch play members looked forward to Foster Care Program ......................... 9 carefully planned their freworks with their sparklers during the another freworks show at the ball Staff Profles, Art Exhibit ............... 10 shows with safety in mind as they fireworks show. Head Start Graduation ..................... 11 gathered at family barbeques to Photo by Matt Kearney Continued on Page 3 Canoe Joutney, Planning Meeting ...12
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