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Senior Recognition Dinner continued from page 1.... presentation of the gift certifcates and awe-inspiring as they danced, he handed to each graduate. drummed, and sang with hand- carved masks, authentic skin and Presentation of senior gifts is a time wood drums, and colorful hand- honored tradition of the Education made regalia emblazoned with Program. These gifts are a reward symbols of their culture. Git-Hoan’s for the students commitment to their included a ceremonial procession education and the achievements and storytelling dances which tell of each graduate. Not only was the history of the Tsimshian First there was a roar of applause for the Nations People. It was a stunning graduates, but also for their parents performance! who stood behind them and shared in this moment. The Lucky Eagle Casino awarded the Honor Roll Student of the Year for the 2013 Graduation Class. This Git-Hoan Dancers brought a delightful Coastal Salish performance to the community at the Senior Recognition year’s recipient is Halle Colson with Dinner a GPA above 3.7. Congratulations on striving to do your best Halle. protecting your people and their „ Learn to save money. cultural values. This years’ entertainment was the „ Pay your bills in a timely manner. „ You are only as smart as what „ Further your education through Git-Hoan Dancers (The People of the Salmon), who proudly you know. If you don’t have the college. knowledge, go fnd someone who Tony Medina’s presentation was represented the Tsimshian tribes Halle Colson received the who live on the Northwest Coast does. surreal at the ceremony, having of North America and trace Lucky Eagle Casino Honor „ Your frst line of defense is your witnessed his son graduate this year. their ancestry to the village of Roll Student of the Year. Halle parents, so never hesitate to ask Tony held his son’s graduation dear Metlakatla in Southeast Alaska. is pictured with her father, for help. to his heart and he toned down his Their performance was stunning Mark Colson. Chehalis Canoe Family Earns First Prize in Oakville Parade The Chehalis Canoe came decked out in Family participated in their regalia. Haley Oakville’s Fourth of Parkinson, Miss Tribal July parade, sharing Days Princess, and the an important Chehalis younger children rode tradition with the wider in the canoe. Elders and Oakville community. adults followed on foot. The Canoe Family Singing and drumming hasn’t participated in the echoed throughout the parade since 2008 due street as the children in to conficting schedules the canoe threw candy to with frework season, the onlookers. It was a but this year the parade The Chehalis Canoe Family dressed in their regalia with their canoe tuulap tit wiA great day for a parade! was planned for Saturday, (Tu-lap ti weah) in the Oakville 4th of July Parade. Youth sat in the canoe and July 6. It was an honor threw candy to the crowd as Elders and adults followed singing and drumming. When the parade was to be invited to join the Photo by Mike McNair fnished, the Chehalis celebration. Wakisa Canoe Family was Wittwer freshly painted the canoe, of Oakville with participants lining much more. Floats moved along awarded frst prize. “Tulap” for the event, making her up to travel down Main Street. It with participants waving and shine in the parade lineup. was a beautiful procession with smiling to the crowd. Yes, it was a good day to celebrate marching bands, old hot rods, our freedom! The parade started on the east side motorcycles, horses and much, All the Canoe Family members Page 2   
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