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Prevention Walk continued from Page 1.... combined his art with a positive message. But he didn’t stop there as he took a deep look at Tribe Awarded $1.1 Million in himself and saw that he needed to reinvent himself further. He talked with his wife, as she was suffering Justice and Safety Grants too with the loss of their daughter. The Chehalis Tribe was awarded four They agreed to move forward to help prevent and grants this year through the Department educate parents and children in order to stop others of Justice Coordinated Tribal Assistance from suffering by speaking about “Healthy Life Solicitation, totaling over $1.1 million Styles, through Healthy Living.” in new funds for tribal services. Thanks to the hard work of the Planning Smoke shared some helpful tips: Remember you are Department, you will see a few new not alone. What is happening in your community is programs and services supporting the happening in other communities. Your mind is very community in the next three years. creative and is your GPS for success, use it! It is your choice and only you can program what it can A new tribal police offcer will be hired Guest Speakers Mimi and Smoke Nichols do. EMPOWER your mind and commit to living a to focus on drug and alcohol related were wrapped with the community’s love for successful life, fnding a way to accomplish these crimes. The new drug cop will also sharing their story and commitment continue goals and don’t be afraid to succeed! work with tribal members to start a with their good work. neighborhood watch program. This Smoke and Mimi shared their story about their New Year’s resolutions are a great example, but increase in law enforcement will lead daughter who lost her life to what was at frst thought are they successful? In reality they are not very to a reduction in crime and the use of to be suicide. It was a very diffcult for them, because successful in making a lifestyle change. The 30-30 drugs and alcohol on the reservation. they had invested so much in establishing good Rule is more successful, utilize 30 minutes each day, Soon a range of services will be communication skills as they watched their daughter for 30 days to envision and incorporate changes into provided to inmates in the Chehalis achieve goals in academics and music. Little did your life which you want to achieve. Each morning is tribal jail, including mental health they know about the peer pressure that was going on a fresh start and if you are vigilant and commit to your and chemical dependency treatment. at school. The signs were there, but she didn’t talk goals every day, it will give you more strength and Employment assistance, life skills, with her parents about all the details even with their lead you to happiness. fnancial literacy, and cultural/art great relationship. Such is the power of peer pressure therapy will also be provided. Through in a young person’s life. Due to her achievements she Each person was given an opportunity to have a voice these services, corrections will reduce interacted daily with upper classman and others who as the microphone was passed around to those who the number of repeat offenders in our bullied her, as well as others, into playing some very wished to speak. One person shared that the event jail. dangerous games on the bus while traveling to and was “food for my soul.” The words and messages from band practice and concerts. They never told her were very strong and emotional as they fell like The Tribe also received funding to do about the consequences of playing the game which raindrops onto everyone that was there. It was a great strategic planning for a comprehensive could result in death. Smoke and Mimi were later day! justice and safety plan. Although it may informed by the school that this had happened again Personal Growth Tips for EMPOWERMENT not sound exciting, creating a long term with another child and were able to learn that their E – Every Day, Healing, Motivating plan to address crime will allow the daughter was not a suicide statistic, but a bullying M – Motivating, Use the 30-30 Rule Tribe to improve existing services, and statistic. It became an epiphany to them as they have seek future funding for new programs. dedicated their lives to spread the message in order for P – Persevere Finally, funds were granted to expand others to avoid these types of tragedies. The frst step O – Open Minded, Open Heart the Tribe’s perpetrator treatment starts with you! W – Willingness program by 50%. This will give the E – Educate Tribe the additional capacity to hold In order to do this, Jason “Smoke” Nichols, a R – Ready non-tribal members accountable for recording and Hip-Hop artist, started taking classes domestic violence crimes. Increasing to arm himself with enough knowledge to help to „ Don’t go through it…GROW through it! support for perpetrators will accomplish their goals as speakers. Music is uplifting complement our program for domestic in any type of venue. Some elders weren’t impressed „ In order to do something you haven’t done, you violence survivors. with the derogatory lyrics, or the shameful way have to be someone you haven’t been! women are talked about in hip hop in general. He „ Commit to your passion! The Planning Department is excited listened to what was being said, continuing onto a to have secured these grants to reduce successful career in the music industry, while also „ Your life should not be determined by and prevent crime on the Chehalis learning to change his approach and appearance to circumstance. Your life should be determined by Reservation. Keep an eye out for these respect his elders. Applying his Native upbringing, he possibilities! new programs starting in the next year! Page 2   
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