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Safety Tips When Roads are Flooded According to a 2005 FEMA study, „ If you have driven through water many food fatalities and injuries up to the wheel rims or higher, happen due to people trying to drive test your brakes on a clear patch through waters rather than avoiding of road at low speed. If they them. are wet and not stopping the vehicle as they should, dry them Whenever possible, avoid driving/ by pressing gently on the brake walking through food waters: depth pedal with your left foot while and current can be deceiving and maintaining speed with your right dangerous. What is in food water foot. can pose potential risks to your health and physical safety. „ Stay off the telephone unless you must report severe injuries. **As noted in the Chehalis Tribes A truck stranded on Anderson Road during a flood. Driving „ If your vehicle stalls in the deep most current Hazard Mitigation through water is very dangerous. Pay attention to barricades: water, you may need to restart the Plan, the roads typically affected Don’t ignore them by driving past them. engine to make it to safety. Keep by local swiftly moving water in mind that restarting may cause include State Route-12, James, hidden below water over roadways. „ Do your best to estimate the depth irreparable damage to the engine. Independence, Moon, and Anderson Attempting to drive through water of the water (if other cars are Roads. also may stall your engine, with driving through, take note of how „ If you can’t restart your vehicle the potential to cause irreparable deep the water is). and you become trapped in rising Pay attention to barricades: Don’t damage if you try to restart the „ Drive slowly and steadily through water, and you abandon your car ignore them by driving past them. engine. If you come upon a fooded the water. to higher ground, make sure your street, take an alternate route. aware of the water fow. It might Do not drive through standing water „ Avoid driving in water that be safer to stay in your car and on roads or in parking lots: The Take extra precautions if you’re downed electrical or power lines call 9-1-1 or get the attention of a average automobile can be swept off forced to drive through water: have fallen in — electric current passerby or someone standing on the road in 12” of moving water, and passes through water easily. higher ground so that they may roads covered by water are prone If no alternate route exists and you „ Items traveling downstream can call for help. to collapse. Other hazards such as have no other reasonable alternative trap or cause damage to your potholes or dangerous debris can be but to drive through standing water. vehicle if you’re in their path. Emergency Quinault Indian Nation Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Program (TANF) Preparedness The Quinault Indian Nation TANF The TANF Program also offers Event Program offers services to Native support services, youth services, families that reside in Grays Harbor Employment and Training services and Jefferson County. If you reside to include job training and Highlights off the Quinault Reservation, to be classroom funding, and incentives. We face fooding and power Over 20 informational eligible you must have at least one outages every year in Grays • booths eligible Quinault Tribal Member For more information or to receive Harbor County. This event is in the family unit and be income an application, please call the going to have resources and • Dinner provided eligible. For those that are raising Aberdeen TANF valuable information to help get Raffle Quinault children that are not their Offce at 360- through this rough time of year. • Open to all ages own and are not receiving foster 537-1324 or • Thursday, October 24th care, the only income that is taken you can email from 3:00 - 6:00 PM into account is that of the child. The Becky Klatush at bklatush@ program offers monthly cash grants at the Community Center to those that qualify for a Pregnancy, Pleace contact Shannon Sullivan or Family, Minor Parent, or Child Only Leroy Boyd at 360-273-5504 Case. Page 6   
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