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Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund News The Chehalis Tribal Loan Funds is Chehalis Tribal Trainings Offered selected as a USDA IRP Lender for Loan Fund receives The Loan Fund in collaboration with the Business Loans $150,000 award Head Start Program will begin offering once a month Budgeting and other USDA Press Release Washington, D.C. Sept 18, 2013 from the Financial Literacy trainings. We held USDA announced more than 27 million in support for the frst class on October 3, 2013. These regional and economic development projects in 32 states. The Department of trainings will be at the community Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund was awarded $500,000 to be used Treasury center college classrooms. Everyone is for Small Business Loans. welcome to attend. Julie Burnett, Executive Director, states, “We are excited to On September 19, 2013, the Department We will also begin offering once a have this opportunity to assist Chehalis Tribal members either of Treasury announced the Native month training to the after-school start or expand an existing business. We will have funding for American Alaska Native and Native children and youth in collaboration with loans up to $250,000.00 for small businesses.” Hawaiian communities throughout the Tony Medina’s program. This will be United States will receive much needed on the second Tuesdays of the month The Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund can assist business owners economic and community development around 5:00 p.m. with Business Plans, Financial Literacy, and loan applications. assistance as a result of the 12.4 million We would like to begin having Chehalis Tribal members in Native American CDFI Assistance October’s Trainings: register their business with us, so we can let them know when Program (NACA Program) awards business opportunities become available. announced today. Wednesday, October 30 How do I repair my credit? For more information, contact: The Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund was 2:00 PM at CTLF awarded $150,000.00 through this Julie Burnett, Executive Director process. The funding will be utilized 5:00 PM to be announced 360-709-1831 for loan capital. The loan fund will be conducting a survey in November November 21 Diana Pickernell, Loan Coordinator to see what type of loans will be How to budget per capita 2:00 PM at CTLF 360-709-1631 most benefcial to the Chehalis Tribal 5:00 PM to be announced members. The Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund is now accepting applications for HOME IMPROVEMENT LOANS Maximum Loan amount: $25,000.00. See us for terms and loan rates Criteria: • Want to help people build assets and grow businesses? 1. Chehalis Tribal Member 2. Homeowner • Want to play a key roale in community empowerment? 3. Title Insurance • Do you have good judgement and knack for making good 4. Appraisal Report decisions? 5. Verifcation of income, including copies of tax returns, proof of employment Join CTLF Boad of Directors 6. Must have 3 bids from Licensed contractors, and a construction contract signed off by CTLF 7. Verifcation of bank balance 8. Copy of deed or Home buyer certifcation 9. Credit Report 10. Homeowners Insurance 11. All loans must be auto pay with either employer or your bank If you are interested in becoming a board member and can make the Borrowers are responsible for obtaining all required building permits and committment to attend monthly meetings, other special or annual other applicable fees. meetings. Please contact Julie Burnett at 360-709-1831 or email    Page 9
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