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Chehalis Tribe Students of the Month Ravenhawk Penn (9-12) Chayse Bonifer-Youckton (6-8) Leala Baker (K-5) RavenHawk Penn Chayse Bonifer-Youckton is in the 7th grade Leala Baker is is in the 9th grade at Rochester Middle School. He is currently in the 2nd grade at Rochester High holding a 3.75 GPA. at Rochester School. He is Primary School. currently holding a Chayse likes how school allows him to get an 3.38 GPA. education with his friends. At school Leala likes math and RavenHawk likes His advice for others is to stay in school. The PE. that school allows teachers don’t like giving out bad grades. him to get an Her advice for education. Chayse feels like he is a successful student others is to get because he does his homework and when your work done. His advice for others there is a problem with his grades he takes is to just do the work. charge to make them better. Leala feels that He feels that he is a successful student because she is successful student because she listens to he does his work when it is handed to him. He is involved with his school band; he likes the teachers. percussion because When he graduates from high school, he wants he is able to make She is not involved in any sports at this time, but to go to school to learn how to work with a lot of different is looking forward to playing softball. computers. noises. After graduating from high school, Leala wants Attention Tribal Members: If you feel that After he graduates to go to the UW to be a movie star. your child should be nominated for student from high school, of the month, please contact Jodie Smith at he would like to From the Education Department: As a reward or 360-709-1897. go to college in for their commitment to school and personal State the reason why your child should be Hawaii, so that growth, each student of the month will receive a considered. Deadline is the last Friday of each he can become an $50.00 gift card. month. inventor. Congratulations. Keep up the good work! Mardi Gras Celebration at the Youth Center New Bus Stops Provide a Safe Dry Place for Children Over in the Vosper neighborhood, there are two new bus stops on Sickman Loop. These stops were requested by the families living in the neighborhood, who wanted a safe and dry place for the children in the area to wait for the school bus each day. The location and the design of the two bus stops were also chosen with help from neighborhood residents as well as the Oakville School District. Both stops have covered bus shelters to keep the kids dry during our long rainy winters. The new bus shelters will also keep the children safer, as they will want to wait in the shelter and not run out into the road. A big thank you goes to Kayloe Dawson from the Planning Department and the Tribe’s own Confederated Construction Company for listening to the needs of the community and putting these great new bus stops in. Page 10   
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