Page 12 - March 2014
P. 12 PRSRT STD ©Copyright 2012 FirstName LastName CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER US POSTAGE PAID is a publication of the Confederated Tribes Street Address of the Chehalis Reservation. City, ST Zip OAKVILLE WA * Or Current Resident PERMIT No. 2 Continued from Page 1..... small pottery drums found in Central Mexico, Peru, and other parts of America have dated back to AD 700: older examples most likely existed but succumbed to the elements. It is a tradition that the frst time you learn to make something, you must give the item away, but not if you make a drum. When you sing with the drum you have made, you are giving a gift each and every time you use it. We are still looking for people who are able to assist with Art/ drawing, beading, fshing pole making, and carving. The woodshop will be ready soon and if you are interested in teaching classes please contact Joyleen McCrory 360-709-1748. There have been a couple of responses to our previous advertisement, so our program is extending this request to the tribal community. The Heritage and Culture Program wants to provide the Chehalis Tribal member families with projects they can do together as a family activity. If you are interested please call with your ideas that will help us to continue to bring families together and work on the activities you want. Lynn has been working on many family trees if you would like to see if your family is one of the ones that she has done please drop in anytime Monday-Thursday. She has done many six-generation family trees. Page 12   
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