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Chehalis Tribe Education Program Students of the Month Seeking Information For Kaileen Bray (9-12) Savanna Bird (6-8) Kaileen Bray Savanna Bird is in the 7th grade at Oakville 2014 High School GRADUATES is in the Middle School. She currently has a 2.78 12th grade GPA. The Chehalis Education Program is currently at Oakville seeking information regarding all High High School. Savanna enjoys going to school and learning School Seniors on-track to get their high She currently with her friends. school diploma in 2014. has a 3.93 GPA. Her advice Graduating seniors who are Tribal Members She likes that for other and/or members of the Tribal Community will be recognized at a dinner and celebration her teachers students is to to be held in their honor on Thursday, June are helpful stay on track 13. The Education Department wants to and great and don’t get make sure that nobody misses out on this motivation and knows she can succeed with distracted special moment, especially Tribal Member help from her teachers. and don’t let students that may live outside the Oakville/ your friends Rochester area. Kaileen feels she is a successful student because disrupt you. she pushes herself to do better than she did At this time we are seeking information on before and she has amazing classmates that are the following students that may be graduating there to help each other out when needed. After this year; we have been unable to contact: Her advice for others is don’t slack off at all graduating through high school because you’ll regret it high school later down the road when your applying for Savanna plans on going to college so she Chase Perez scholarships and colleges because you don’t can get a good job. Adam Lower have the grades or the GPA. Tyler Beckwith Koner Burnett (K-5) Ostyn Farrier She has played Volleyball and Basketball Rose Williams throughout school. Koner Burnett is in the 1st After she graduates Kaileen is planning to grade at If you or someone you know has contact attend Centralia Community College to get Rochester information for any of these individuals, or her degree in Early Childhood education. Her Primary any other high schoolers that are on track to overall goal is to get a masters degree and School. graduate this year, pursue her career of being a head start teacher. He enjoys math please contact: From the Education Department: As a reward Taaffe Wyatt at 360-709-1759 for their commitment to school and personal at school. Jodie Smith at 360-709-1897 growth, each student of the month will receive a His advice for $50.00 gift card. other students is to be good. Contacting the Congratulations. Keep up the good work! He says to be a successful student you need Youth Center Attention Tribal Members!! to listen. If you feel that your child should be nominated Koner enjoys playing basketball, baseball 360-273-9674 for student of the month, please contact Jodie and wrestling. Director: Tony Medina Smith at or 360- 709-1897. State the reason why your child should be considered. Deadline is the last After high school Koner wants to be a skate Monthly Activities Calendar Friday of each month. boarder. Available Page 10   
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