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CHEHALIS TRIBAL LOAN FUND 2014 National Child NEWS Abuse Prevention Month BIG NEWS! We are now accepting loan applications from all Chehalis Tribal Employees, Child abuse and neglect occur when a parent, Enterprise employees and Natives who live within our service area. We are continuing to serve caretaker, or another person in a custodial role Chehalis Tribal members as well. (e.g., clergy, coach, teacher) acts, or fails to act, in a manner that results in the death, serious physical or „ A new loan product: Do you need a Masters degree or PhD? Are you an enrolled member emotional harm, or sexual abuse or exploitation of of the Chehalis Tribe? You could qualify for a student loan through our program. Contact our a child; or that presents an imminent risk of serious offce for more information. harm to a child (Offce for Victims of Crime: Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse, retrieved February 17, „ Credit Builders: Don’t let your credit score keep you from applying for a loan from us. We 2014). will work with you to re-build your credit. When is the last time you checked your credit score? We are fnding that almost every person has a MEDICAL collection on their credit In ensuring the protection and welfare of children, score. the Federal Government has concentrated on three „ Chehalis Tribal members: Are you wanting to purchase a house, but have collections primary goals: safety, permanency, and well-being on your credit report? Come see us. We can assist you. We also continue to offer Home for abused and neglected children. The Government Improvement Loans. has led efforts to ensure that child welfare agencies, courts, and other stakeholders work together to „ Secured Credit Cards: Did you know you can re-build your credit by opening a Secured achieve these worthy goals (Offce of Juvenile Justice credit card? The local Sterling Bank in Oakville can assist you. You just need $300.00 to open and Delinquency Prevention, Court Performance it. You make monthly on time payments, and keep it open for 3 years. This will be reported Measures in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases, 2009). as a positive on your credit report as long as you make your monthly payments. You can also open a savings or checking account with no hassle at Sterling. Contact Theresa Keegan, Each year, April is designated as National Child Branch Manager at (360) 273-7766. Abuse Prevention Month, a time for raising awareness about child abuse and neglect. To learn „ Native Artists: We will be offering a Native Artist’s training this year. Please call more about the Justice Department’s current efforts our offce if you are interested in attending. We will let you know the date as soon related to children exposed to violence, including as we fnd out. victims of child abuse, visit the Defending Childhood Youth News!!! Web site (Offce for Victims of Crime: Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse, retrieved February 17, 2014). We are working with Tony Medina’s youth program once a month. The youth are learning ways During the month of April and throughout the year, to save, wants versus needs, and more. We are looking for Youth Entrepreneurs, those who want communities are encouraged to raise awareness to start a business. Contact our offce for more information. and promote strategies that address the risk factors surrounding child abuse. In recognition of the Youth ages 16-18: Do you want to build a budget for your per capita? Do you want to set aside money for a house, college, or a car? Make an appointment with us to set up an individual plan. importance of ensuring child safety and welfare, NCJRS presents this compilation of child abuse- Firework Loan Applications related publications and resources. To learn more about child abuse go to these webistes The Chehalis Tribal Loan Program is now accepting Fireworks Loans. Get your’s now before the wholesalers have their sales! We offer loans up to $5,000.00. Contacting the CTLF Program No payments due until July! Julie Burnett, 50% of the Firework loan must go Executive Director toward direct business expenses, such as 360-709-1831 wholesalers or building costs. Diana Pickernell, For mkore information contact the Loan Coordinator CTLF Staff 360-709-1631    Page 11
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