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Tribal Health and Wellness News April is STI Awareness Month! What is an STI/STD? It is a sexually-transmitted How to prevent STIs? infection/disease. This means an infection is „ Wear condoms for every single sexual passed from one person to another by intimate encounter (unless you are in a long-term, Assistance Available at the contact. Don’t think this affects you? Think again! monogamous relationship in which both partners Wellness Center 20 million new cases are diagnosed in the US are confrmed to be STI-free). Every Other Wednesday each year. Many STIs are treatable but you must Starting April 23 be diagnosed in order to be treated. STIs range „ Limit the number of sexual partners you have. 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM from troublesome to life-threatening so early „ Get vaccinated against hepatitis B. diagnosis and treatment are important. „ Get vaccinated against HPV (the virus that So who should be tested? What should you be causes genital warts and some genital cancers). tested for? „ Do not share needles for any reason: medication, „ Everyone between the ages of 13-64 should be street drugs or tattoos. James Craig, SPIPA Tribal Assister Program tested for HIV at least once in their lifetime. You should also be tested after any high-risk How to treat STIs To set up appointments contact the Clinic at partners or activities. „ Many require treatment with antibiotics or 360-273-5504 antivirals. If you get treated however, your „ What is a “risky” activity? Any unprotected partner(s) will need to be treated too, to make SPIPA Colon Health Program sexual contact, sharing needles (including those sure you don’t pass the infection back and forth. used for tribal tattooing), and/or having sex Presents the Fourth Annual with someone who shares needles. „ Some STIs, like genital warts, need to be “The Shining Light” removed. The earlier this is done the better. „ Everyone who received blood products before 1987 and/or anyone born before 1966 should „ Some STIs, like hepatitis, herpes and HIV Walk to Prevention be tested for hepatitis C once in their lifetime. cannot ever be cured. They can however be at the Shoalwater Bay Tribe treated and managed very well, but like most „ Anyone who uses IV drugs, shares needles conditions this is best done as soon as possible. Saturday, June 14 or has sex with someone who does should be tested regularly for hepatitis B and C. What is the take home message? Prevention and 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM testing! It’s better not to get the STI in the frst „ All women under 26 should be tested for place but if you ever have questions or concerns chlamydia and gonorrhea at least once a year please come to the clinic. According to Washington For any information on the SPIPA Colon plus after any new sexual partner. Men under State law, anyone 14 years and older can be Health Program please call the age of 30 should be tested after any new seen regarding sexual health without a parent or partner as well. guardian. Trisha Shipp Chehalis Patient Navigator at 360-709-1742 „ We do not test asymptomatic patients for or Bobbie Bush, SPIPA Program Coordinator, herpes, but if you ever have unusual sores on This is something we deal with every day so at 360-462-3235. your genitals, come in as soon as possible for don’t be embarrassed - we are happy to help. Your testing. wellness and privacy are our top priorities and you can get the care you need at the Wellness Center. USDA Food „ Any time you have anything unusual going on, Come on by for free condoms or to follow up with get tested! one of the providers. Distribution Dates DSHS Program WIC Program Mammogram Dates Thursday, May 22 Monday through Friday May 6, 2014 Thursday June 19 Thursday, May 8 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pick up is at the Community Center A representative from DSHS will For more information contact from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. be available. Contact the Chehalis For more information contact Christina Hicks Tribal Wellness Center at 360-273- Deb Shortman at Community Wellness Manager, For more information contact Lynn or Shirley CTWC at 360-709-1741 5504 to schedule an appointment. 306-709-1689 at 360-438-4216 Page 4   
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