Page 2 - May 2014 - The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter
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Governor visit continued from Page 1... Jhon Valencia gave the Governor a tour of bridge opened allowed for water passage that both the Health and Dental facility. Governor would have caused fooding on the Reservation Inslee was impressed with the size of the clinic before. and scope of services available to the Tribal community. Valencia and the Governor also After the meeting, the Governor toured several talked about the Tribe’s efforts to enroll Tribal areas of the Reservation. First, touring the Tribal members in the State Health Exchange created as Head Start, Governor Inslee met several of the a part of the Affordable Health Care Act. children and heard from Tracy Bray about Early Learning on the Reservation and how the efforts Finally, Governor Inslee toured the Sickman of the Tribe would make the kids ready for Ford Bridge. The Bridge is the largest local elementary school. food mitigation project completed to date with During Governor Inslee tour of the Early The Governor also toured the Wellness Center. funding from the 2012 Jobs Act. Learning Programs he learned about floam during a classroom activities. The Early Learning Program had some special guests this month as we were visited by our Business Committee and Governor Jay Inslee. They were given a small tour and information about our comprehensive Early Learning Program. While on the tour the Governor talked and played with some of the children, sharing with us that he had grandchildren the same age. Governor Inslee was particularly interested in the Floam that the children were using at one of the tables and he had to try it out himself! We were honored to be able to represent our Community by “showing off” what we do every Pictured are Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and his advisors with the day to our Tribal and State elected offcials and Chehalis Business Committee and tribal representatives. invite you to stop by and visit us also. Harlem Crowns continued from Page 1... raised and how they were able to escape the he started smoking. He confessed it hurt his game drugs, alcohol and gang violence the inner city so he decided to quit and hasn’t smoked for over brings. The choices to pursue basketball gave 25 years. them the opportunity to pursue a career, all the while having some fun and chasing their dreams. Youth Center Director Tony Medina gave out There are many good athletes who had the talent basketballs to all the children who came that but not the discipline, which didn’t allow them evening. He encouraged them to have the Harlem to achieve their goals. They used basketball as Crowns sign an example, but there are many other sports and them. education available to everyone to place their energy into to be successful throughout life. Their leader and mentor Herb Scaife, Sr., is the frst to admit that basketball helped him get The where he is today. Keeping him physically ft Harlem Harlem Crown players sign autographs and in good health brings a feeling of a natural Crowns for youth after the game. high. Being disciplined in order to stay sharp helped with a focused mind and strong principles are Daniel The Crowns tell it how it is...growing up and advice to youth required. School is a major asset, learning from Gitchell teachers and coaches along the way. There are with a Half time was surreal and a moment for the many things that he didn’t understand until he slam dunk players to share with Elders, adults and youth got older and wiser and he gave them the respect during the alike. Each player talked about where they were for making him a better person. Being stubborn, game. Page 2   
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