Page 3 - May 2014 - The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter
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Staff Profile: Chehalis Tribal Projects Manager Continued from page 1... Chehalis Tribal Projects Manager, area of which has been increased Dave Hinkson, has been with the to allow for storage for the tribe’s tribe for a short six months, but he’s Emergency Management Supplies, managed to facilitate many times and is scheduled to be completed in that worth of work around the Tribal June; and getting to the bottom of Center, Community Center and new the mysterious leak issues plaguing ball felds. Many of these projects the building during the rainy increase safety and comfort for the season, which is all seasons. Dave community and are highly visible, assures us they have found some and some of them are helping to pretty specifc problems already secure our culture and keep us safe and the problem will continue to behind the scenes. be addressed. This summer, a dry chemical fre suppression system Pictured are (L to R) Maria Contreras-Sweet, Julie Burnett, If you’ve been to the Tribal Center for the Tribal Archives, housed in Executive Director of the Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund, Senator lately you may have noticed that the Community Center, will begin Maria Cantwell, and Natalie Charley, Executive Director of the the front doors are now equipped installation and be fnished by years Taala Fund (Quinault) with automatic door operators. end. This is vitally important for the Those front doors can be heavy, protection of the artifacts contained Ms. Contreras was very open to hearing CDFI’s points of view, questions, especially if you’re handicapped, in the archives to escape both fre and concerns. Senator Maria Cantwell is the Chair of the U.S. Senate a small person, or your hands are and water damage. Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. She and her staff full, so they’re a welcome upgrade. took into consideration everything that transpired at the meeting and One has also been installed at the And, of course, the new ball felds promised to look into what was discussed at the meeting. Both Executive entrance of the Business Committee continue to be improved upon. Director’s of CTLF and the Taala Fund also were invited to attend a US Room and other locations are being Pathways have been added and Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Field Hearing considered, as well. Another new concrete has been poured in certain on Driving Growth: Small Business Innovation and Research. This meeting addition for safety in the Tribal areas to increase ADA compliance. was held at the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle, Washington. Center complex is exterior lighting Additional sod has been laid for the Elder’s Center. The new for more comfortable spectator Our CTLF Program continues to strive to discover more resources that will LED lighting was put in last week lounging and improvements have contribute to the growth of small businesses. and will be properly positioned been made to the concession stand, in the next week for maximum such as a windscreen and food prep Other News coverage in the previously poorly lit area. Legends Fields continues to parking and entrance to the Elder’s grow into a source of pride for the Center. Chehalis Tribe. Currently, Dave We are still accepting loan applications for the following: is gearing up to make it grow even Dave is getting the exterior lighting more by completing a third feld this „ Fireworks at the Community Center upgraded year. Thanks, Dave Hinkson! „ Small Business to LED lights, also. LED lights are brighter, cover greater distances, are „ Debt Consolidation energy savers and last longer. This project is expected to be completed „ Home Improvement this summer. Other projects moving We can assist customers with Credit Building and boosting your credit along under Dave’s management at scores. the Community Center include the recent rock removal and sidewalk Come see us, or contact us at: additions for access to secondary doors (the Tribal grounds crew will be landscaping soon); the Julie Burnett, Executive Director table and chair storage addition 360-709-1831, to the backside of the gym, the Diana Pickernell, Loan Coordinator Dave Hinkson, Chehalis 360-709-1631, Tribal Projects Manager, Planning Department    Page 3
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