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Continued from page 1... learn plant parts, tour the garden, Here are some of the upcoming community garden, but there is and plant seeds. “Can we do this garden events you can look forward the added beneft of sharing the again?” was a question excitedly to: experience with other community asked by several youth as they members, especially the youth who enjoyed a fresh salad they harvested Monday, July 21 make the experience gratifying and made from lettuce they picked Get to Know Weeds Workshop and fun! Other community ideas in garden. from 4:00 - 5:00 PM for using the garden are to grow at the Chehalis Tribe traditional and medicinal plants, If you haven’t had a chance to check Community Center expand to grow more variety of out the community garden located food, and build a corn maze for next at the Community Center, feel free Tuesday, July 22 year. to drive by or take a walk through Pest Management Workshop the garden beds of broccoli, beets, Since the garden build there cabbage, beans, carrots, lettuce, from 4:00 - 5:00 PM have already been several garden tomatoes, spinach, radish, zucchini, at the Chehalis Tribe activities for the community to come and a variety of squash. If you have Community Center together and learn. In June alone, any ideas or suggestions for the the garden hosted a Basic Planting garden, consider joining the garden Friday, August 12 workshop, lettuce and spinach council, which is an opportunity for Garden Council Meeting harvest for the Elders Center, and all community members to learn from 4:00 - 5:00 PM Nutrition and Health event for about gardening and plan future at the Chehalis Tribe youth, where youth had a chance to garden activities. Community Center    Page 3
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