Page 10 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - August 2014
P. 10
Summer Youth Field Trip Includes a Cultural Day at Tillicum Village Chehalis Tribal Education and Youth Programs scheduled a cultural day and traveled to Tillicum Village on Tuesday, July 29. The kids enjoyed traveling together to feel the Native American culture experience. It was a beautiful day to enjoy the magnifcent scenery and cruise from Seattle to the Blake Island State Park. After they arrived they were greeted and served up a delicious cup of steamer clams. There was a lot to take in as they toured the salmon pit in the long house in preparation of witnessing a mythical and magical Native American culture. There was a wide verity of native foods offered for those who desired from Fresh Fruit, Field Green Salad, Polenta, Wild Grain Harvest Rice, Signature Northwest Stew, Whole Grain Tillicum Bread, and Fire Roasted Salmon. Enough to fll everyone’s pallet. As the lights dimmed the children were mesmerized by the performance featuring the Tillicum Village dancers. Not just the dance, but their regalia and hand carved masks. The show was spectacular as they shared their legends, dances, customs and beliefs by other native people from various tribes of the Northwest coast. Afterwards, children were seen scampering along the grounds. Taking in all the animals they saw as the Blake Island State Park is a reserve and the animals are very tame. They toured the gift gallery and took time to have a photo taken. It was a good day and everyone was smiling as they boarded the boat to cruise on back to Seattle. Yes, it was a fun and relaxing day! It was a beautiful day as the children visited Tillicum Village at the Blake Island State Park. Photos provided by the Education Department Page 10   
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