Page 12 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - August 2014
P. 12 PRSRT STD ©Copyright 2012 FirstName LastName CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER US POSTAGE PAID is a publication of the Confederated Tribes Street Address of the Chehalis Reservation. City, ST Zip OAKVILLE WA * Or Current Resident PERMIT No. 2 Summer Youth Workers Learn About Healthy Choices Enterprise Introduce the End of energy drinks such as Red Bull (8.4 Trail Teams to the Community ounces) contains 80 gm of caffeine; Mountain Dew (20 ounces) contains The employees are working 91 mg of caffeine; and Rockstar (24 hard for our tribal enterprises. ounces contains 240 mg of caffeine. Let them know you appreciate 8 ounces of regular coffee can their time and effort! contain 95-200 mg depending on the variety of coffee and how strong it End of the Trail #1 is brewed. It is recommended that if an adult is drinking more than 500 Pictured (L-R) are Kevin Pat Odiorne, Nutritionist mg/day of caffeine—it would be a Albert, Bev Starr, Manny shared information on healthy good time to cut back. An intake of Medina, Wayne Ortivez food choices. no more than 100 mg of caffeine is End of the Trail #2 Staff from the Chehalis Tribal recommended for teens. Wellness Center (CTWC) recently met with the Chehalis Pat also brought in 4 actual fast Summer Youth workers to share food meals: 2 from McDonalds and information about healthy food 2 from Dairy Queen. The 2 meals choices and disease prevention. from McDonalds consisted of a The staff included members from “Super-size Burger with Fries” and the Diabetes Prevention and a “Regular-size Burger and Fries”. Community Transformation Grant The Dairy Queen meals consisted of Teams. Both programs focus on a ten-nugget meal and a six-nugget helping community members live meal. The kids were asked to guess healthier lives by eating healthier, the difference in calories between Pictured are are back row (L-R) Manny Medina, Carolyn Sloppy, exercising regularly and keeping a the larger and the smaller meals. Leon House, Daryl Boyd, David Threlkeld, Chris Klatush, healthy weight. Nathan Patterson and Desirray Brad Fredrickson. Middle row (L-R) are Lisa Turner, Festus Pope-Klatush won prizes for the Smiley, Frank Boyd, Jason Dickerson. Front row (L-R) are Gina The Youth participated in an best guesses. The youth learned Sanchez, Paula Klatush, Tony Olney, Dale Klatush Jr., Dale activity, matching various popular how portion size really makes a Klatush III, Lydia Fromm drinks with the amount of sugar difference in the calories a person they contained. Pat Odiorne, would consume eating these meals. End of the Trail #3 Nutritionist from the Clinic, demonstrated to the group the actual The last topic covered was “How amount of sugar in each drink by can we prevent diabetes?” The using granulated sugar measured answer is to 1) Eat healthy 2) into a sandwich bags. Examples Exercise regularly, and 3) Keep included Sunkist Orange Drink a healthy weight. Pat shared (20 ounces) contains 21 teaspoons that taking these steps now will of sugar (or 7 Tablespoons), Coke defnitely help these young people (20 ounces) contains 16 teaspoons live longer healthier lives, and at the (or 5 Tablespoons + 1 teaspoon), same time signifcantly reduce their and Rockstar, (24 ounces) contains risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. 24 teaspoons of sugar (or 8 Pictured are back row (L-R) Janice Doughty , Jerry Meas, Tablespoons). A special thanks to Christina Hicks, Jarrod Johnson, Brittany Leal, Rikki Sutterlict, Lance Jones, Sandra Burnett, and Pat Odiorne for Matthew Gregory, Gerald Pickernell III, Bobbi Martin. Front row The second topic that Pat covered their help and assistance with this (L-R) are Lavona Parsons, Yolanda Ortivez, Lynn Pyne, Norma was the caffeine content of the event. Daniels, Marrissa Daniels, James Trobaugh. Page 12   
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