Page 12 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - September 2014
P. 12 PRSRT STD ©Copyright 2012 FirstName LastName CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER US POSTAGE PAID is a publication of the Confederated Tribes Street Address of the Chehalis Reservation. City, ST Zip OAKVILLE WA * Or Current Resident PERMIT No. 2 Fun Activities Carolann Black in 2 place, and Avery McJoe as Head Start: 101 Dalmatians nd 3 place. All bike participants were awarded with Planning: Cinderella rd gift certifcates for EOT 1 from the Heritage and Accounting: Mary Popins Culture Program. Congrats to all! Enterprises: Fantasia Face Painting was one of the fun Programs and their Disney theme foats Natural Resources/Fisheries: Robin Hood activities offered Social Services: Up Great Wolf Lodge: Wiley the Wolf to the children Behavioral Health: Winnie the Pooh Lucky Eagle Casino: Cars after the parade. Law Enforcement: Pirates of the Caribbean Youth Center: Bike Decorating Contest Clinic: Sleeping Beauty Eagles Landing Hotel: Snow White youth worker had to complete a “Action Plan” (a modifed Business Plan provided by Julie Special ThankS To: Burnett) as a part of this project. They were assigned to help with the planning, organizing „ Chehalis Tribal Government: The Business Committee gave us their support and approval to and foat decorating as much as possible. They access all of the pieces that were needed to create this amazing event. Thank You for all of your were excited to work on this project to help create support! an amazing parade. „ Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund: Eager to work with the Summer Youth Workers, Director Julie Burnett offered her assistance in creating materials that would contribute to the fnancial and The parade began at 10:00 on the morning of business literacy of the youth. She created a modifed Business Plan which the youth workers used August 15. The streets along the parade route as a planning and budgeting tool in their foat planning process. Thanks Julie! were packed with spectators excited to see „ Lewis County Behavioral Health and Social Services Department for their support by sponsoring the tribal staff in costumes among the thirteen the delicious BBQ lunch catered by J’s BBQ of Centralia, WA. They sure know how to cook! outstanding parade foats. Many children watched Thank You Lewis County! as the foats went by and eagerly gathered candy „ Chehalis Tribal Education and Youth Departments: As the head of the Summer Youth Program, as it was thrown. The parade was a huge success, John Shortman Jr., supported our ideas for this event and gave us access to the Youth to complete enjoyed by all who participated. the parade tasks. Tony supported the youth art contest and bike parade by allowing us to put the submission boxes at the youth center and he helped with making sure all the kids at the youth The parade was followed by a BBQ lunch at center had a bike to ride in the parade. The big bounce house at the BBQ was also made possible the community center along with a big raffe by the youth program. Thank You JJ and Tony! and fun activities for the kids. Many programs and businesses set up informational booths with „ Chehalis Tribal Enterprises: End of the Trail stores sponsored the event by providing beverages for the BBQ following the parade. Thank You Enterprise staff! exciting handouts and activities. Many of the kids went away with painted rocks, water bottles, „ Chehalis Tribal Law Enforcement: Chief Ralph Wyman and his staff were a huge support for this t-shirts, and helmets. event and made it possible for us to offer brand new bicycle helmets to the youth. Also, the police offcers allowed the parade route to go through intersections smoothly and safely. Thank you Law An exciting piece of this project was the Enforcement! involvement of community children in art „ Chehalis Tribal Admininistrative Department: Bones and his staff contributed to the event by contests. We incorporated a youth t-shirt sponsoring the contest trophies which were awarded to the Best Float and Bike decorating designing contest and bike decorating contest. contestants. Thank You! First we asked youth from the community to „ Maintenance and Grounds Crew: Josh Terry and crew helped us in so many ways. We couldn’t create a drawing that depicted their vision of the be more grateful for all of the work they did: delivering candy bags, transporting the kids’ bikes, Chehalis Tribe (their home/culture/community) setting up tables and chairs, clean up etc. We appreciate the work you all did to help make this showing us how it is special to them. Many event successful. Thank You! children submitted drawings and a panel of „ Event Staff: Phillip helped make sure we had enough tables and chairs for the event and six tribal elders were chosen as judges. Tristan volunteered to be the parade lead. Thanks Phillip! Smith, an 8 year old Chehalis Tribal member, „ Lucky Eagle Casino and Hotel: The casino and hotel were so supportive of this event. They was chosen as 1 place. His drawing was used provided canopy tents for the BBQ and the hotel allowed us to use their parking area for the st for the event t-shirts. Congrats Tristan! The parade starting point while security from the casino helped with traffc. bike decorating contest produced many excited I.T. Department: I.T. did a great job of capturing this amazing event! The entire staff was on site to children ready to show off their decorating skills „ record the foats and spectators along the route. They created an outstanding parade video. Thank during the parade. The parade’s foat judges you I.T.! also selected the top three bikes and the winners were given trophies. Tayleena Klatush-“Minnie „ We would also like to thank each and every one of our tribal departments. and business enterprises Mouse” was the 1 place winner, along with for all of the awesome prizes that were contributed to the raffe. st Page 12   
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