Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - September 2014
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Continued from page 1... Continued from page 1... Food, Fun, and Entertainment The Merry Makers Entertainment provided some exciting games for children to challenge themselves. One of the games was a rock climbing wall. Children were harnessed up and with determination in their eyes they picked and chose the hand holds as they attempted to scale the wall, making their way to the top to hit the buzzer. The smiles were priceless for the many that made it to the top as they belayed to the ground. Afterwards the children were seen running up to their parents to get a hug for a job well done. Other fun games provided were the bouncy toys. Youth were seen excitedly running to partake in these fun activities. The youth workers volunteered their services at the cotton candy and popcorn stations. Children grabbed a quick treat while taking a break from playing on the games. The volunteers did an awesome job. Thank you! Fundraiser The kitchen was hosting a fundraiser for Alexis Starr who is participating on the Select Team United Fast Pitch team for Rochester/Centralia. She is raising money to assist with purchasing her uniform and other costs that might arise while participating on the fast pitch team. It was a great family-oriented annual event. We greatly appreciate what the tribal programs have to offer. Thanks everyone, keep up the good work! Page 2   
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