Page 3 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - September 2014
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Continued from page 1... group helped grind the rosehips into a fne power. Another group readied the apple cider to add to the powder and more volunteers were in charge of stirring the mix to start the thickening. The youth got to sample their product before they flled mini mason jars to take home to share with their families. The reviews were mixed, with comments like “This jam is tart!” and “This is kinda cool tasting”. The education session ended with some trivia questions and a short recap of plants to harvest. The youth were then given Native food themed cookbooks provided by SPIPA CCCP to reinforce the message of building health through their Youth learned to identify various plants and berries during the traditional plants diets. These also included two books that Elise activities. Krohn co –authored, Wild Rose & Western Cedar and Feeding the People. When the kids whole wheat spaghetti with turkey and vegetable asked if they had a good event they all exclaimed marinara sauce accompanied by fruit infused loudly that it was great! It was a fantastic setting water. The kids exclaimed (after many got second servings) that it was great. Oranges flled with with great interaction from support staff and jello were cute desserts that showed not all the presenter that gave kids healthy options to desserts need to be loaded with sugar. explore. After lunch was a wrap up activity with Elise We are grateful to Chehalis Prevention team for featuring the kids making a quick and vitamin c letting us come and be a part of this educational loaded rosehip jam. They were taught to clean event and for the collaborative efforts of all who the rosehips for leaves and stems and another supported it. New Boat Launch Improves River Access for Tribal Members and designed with of the river will be blocked off while the in water our Chehalis tribal work is done, but boats will still be able to access fsherman, and will be and use the Black River. The new boat launch a great spot for them to should be completed by the end of September, easily park and launch and ready for use for a great fall fshing season. from. In addition to the boat ramp and launch This boat launch is for tribal member access only. area, new plantings will For more information please contact the Chehalis be put in along both the tribal planning department at Black and the Chehalis 273-5911 EXT 1513. River to improve the watershed. The boat ramp is being The entry road has been finished and construction has begun constructed by Sterling on the ramp access and parking area for trucks and boat Breen Crushing, Inc., trailers at the new Chehalis tribal boat launch. who are partnering with The Chehalis Tribe has started construction on Chehalis Confederated a new boat launch into the Black River. The Construction. Work on the in water portion of the boat launch will feature a concrete ramp into the ramp started at the beginning of September, and river for launching, and plenty of parking for was planned to do as little as possible to disturb trucks and trailers. This boat launch was planned the river environment and the water quality. Part    Page 3
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