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e attention to those who never
came home after the ending
of conflicts or wars. This
ceremony never leaves a dry
eye in the room.

nes, After a blessing of the food from Dan “Bones”

ns ~ Gleason, dinner was served. During dinner the


Chehalis Canoe Family sang and drummed.

The Canoe Family has joined the event several

k making times before, and always gives a wonderful and
salute you

respectful 5p:0e0rpfmo-r8m:30apnmce.

Patriotic Speakers: Curtis DuPuis of the 5th
Special Forces shared with the audience on the
similarities between native culture and the MIA
Ceremony for loved ones lost. The ritual of the
MIA ceremony and the meaning of each item
are similar to tribal ceremonies where each part
of the ceremony and each item used have deep

Major General Thomas R. Tempel Jr.
enlightened the crowd with his simple way of
looking at war in general. Bringing laughter
and healing, he shared his Army career, and
background in the medical corps. He believed
that health and support for active duty and
veterans comes from the people around them,
their friends, spouses, and family.

New to the event this year was a food drive for
the Joint Services Support/Family Programs
group. The food drive donations went to
veterans in Thurston, Lewis, and Grays Harbor
counties, keeping it local. On top of the food
drive was an amazing donation of TEN cooked
turkey dinners, which were delivered to disabled
and senior veterans in Grays Harbor and
Thurston counties. This donation from tribal
members made a truly memorable Thanksgiving
for those veterans.

Many Thanks go out to the volunteers who
planned resources and money to buy giveaway
prizes: Jenny Howe, Vanessa Youckton, Jo
Aldrich, Gigi Fisher, David Jessen, Joe Talotta,
Merrill Goldstein, Shawna Bruce, Dee Draeger,
Gloria Jones, Nancy Romero, and Nicole

A special thanks to the Chehalis tribal youth for Photos by Jaimie Smith and Fred Shortman
their help that day. Your help was appreciated!
There were too many to mention.

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