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Tribal discounts continued from page 1

features such as coffee club, reward How will the new system be added
program and other store discounts to my Tribal member card?
and promotions. Not only will it
manage Tribal discounts, but it will All Tribal member ID cards will
allow casino points to be redeemed have to be reprogrammed to use
at the stores. the new system. You do not need
to get a new Tribal member ID. To
The Tribal discount program will make this easier for everyone, we
be first. The casino program will are holding a special event at EOT 2
follow and then a store reward on January 5, 2015 from 8:00 am to
program will be last to roll out. 4:00 pm. During this event you can
get your tribal ID reprogrammed
Who is eligible for the fuel and enjoy refreshments provided by
discount? the store while you wait.

Per an outstanding Business You will be required to get your
Committee resolution from many tribal ID reprogrammed to take
years ago, the fuel discount is advantage of your Tribal fuel
offered to enrolled Chehalis Tribal discount starting January 5, 2015.
members only. This is the reason
why the Tribal member card is used. How do I update my Tribal ID
after January 5, 2015?
When is the last time the old cards
will work to get a discount? If you are unable to make the event
on January 5, you can stop by EOT
The target date for the new system 2 and see Lisa Turner (the store’s
is Monday, January 5, 2015. The bookkeeper). She will reprogram
old cards will work through Sunday, your ID card. Lisa’s hours are
January 4, with the potential for Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30
some down time during testing in am to 1:30 pm.

Will the fuel discount not be How will the new system be Sunday, December 21
available at any time during different from the old one? Start at Noon
With this new program, Tribal at the Community Center
Unfortunately, that means the members are only able to have
current discount system will be one active Tribal ID with the fuel
offline during December at certain discount feature. So if you lose,
times on certain days. This means misplace, or the card simply doesn’t
there may be a period of time when work, Tribal members would have
the fuel discount is not available. to get a new card from enrollment
This is a system limitation that we and come to the EOT 2 store and get
have to accept. the new card reprogrammed.

The stores will not give a discount Once the new card is issued the
nor give a refund if the Tribal old ID card will be deactivated
member buys fuel during this time. automatically. This is a similar as
However, we will try to post testing to when you lose your debit card or
dates at the stores a couple of days credit card.
in advance of the testing days.

Please be patient with us as this New cards from enrollment will
downtime is needed to install the not be activated for the Tribal fuel
new system and test it. Please be discount.
courteous to store personnel at these
times.    Page 3
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