Page 3 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - June 2015
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2015 Miss Chehalis Princess Pageant

By Theresa Youckton, Tribal Member Pictured with Tony Medina (L-R) are Miss witness the selection for the 2015 Miss Tribal
Head Start, Rebecca Youckton-Legg; Lil’ Days Pageant. He asked them to tell the audience
History: The Miss Chehalis Tribal Days Princess Miss, Dyani Cayenne; Junior Miss, Nora about themselves and why they wanted to be
Pageant started many years ago. The participants Ortivez; and the Miss Chehalis, Maddison selected to represent the Chehalis Tribe. The
who wanted to run for Miss Chehalis did not Carter. youngest, Head Start contestants started first; the
have to be enrolled in the Chehalis Tribe and second age group was Little Miss; the third age
the pageant took place before Chehalis Tribal May 21. There was a huge turnout to witness group was Junior Miss; and the final age group
Days. There was an age limit for entering the the selection of this year’s Miss Tribal Days was Miss Chehalis.
pageant; you had to be wearing regalia and be Princesses. The Youth Director, Tony Medina
able to speak in front of those either judging handles this event. The evening started with the The ballots for voting for Miss Chehalis were
or witnessing the event. Some of the previous meal being served, Mr. Medina chose the menu given out to all Tribal Elders that were present.
pageant contestants sold buttons or pins with for the dinner: spaghetti, green salad, green The contestants anxiously waited for the results.
the dates of the Memorial Days weekend and beans, dinner rolls, and the dessert was cake with The ballots were counted by previously selected
the year. The female contestant selling the most berries and whip cream. volunteers.
buttons reigned as Miss Chehalis for one year
until the next year’s pageant. Tony then called for all girls who had signed up The capes and crowns were made by a couple of
to be a contestant in this year’s Miss Chehalis tribal members. The results of the ballots were
Sometimes people were asked to make a crown Pageant. He called out the girls one by one given to Mr. Medina. He announced the winners
or cape for the winner of Miss Chehalis. The and introduced them to everyone who came to starting with the Head Start Miss, Rebecca
materials used depended on the person making it. Youckton-Legg; Lil’ Miss, Dyani Cayenne;
Some used shells, beads, and select fabric such as Junior Miss, Nora Ortivez; and the Miss
leather, velvet or other material. In recent years Chehalis, Madison Carter. A couple of women
the crowns have been made out of cedar bark and were asked to volunteer to place the capes and
button shawls were made as well. sashes on all of the winners.

The judges for the pageant recently have been The reigning princesses proudly wore their attire
the Chehalis Tribal Elders. They have also added during the weekend’s events. They were seen
other categories of various age groups for titles of at the cancer walk, around the area during the
Miss Chehalis, Junior Miss, Little Miss and Head games, and participated at the youth events. They
Start Miss. were all present at the end of the ball games for
presentation of awards.
Miss Tribal Days Selection: This year’s Miss
Chehalis Pageant took place on Thursday,

Ceremony continued from Page 1 special occasion to meet at the river to honor the The Celebration
salmon people. The purpose for this ceremony
Maynard welcomes the first salmon of the season to show Later that day, the salmon ceremony feasting
Starr (L) respect to the salmon in order to ensure a good began. People were seen visiting and laughing as
and Shawn run and safety for the fisherman throughout they enjoyed a tasted dish of salmon, fried bread,
Ortivez (R) the fishing seasons. They taught us that if the salads and other tasty dishes. A prayer was
remove salmon were not treated well, they would become offered to bless the food and Elders were invited
the Spring offended and would stop returning. to dish up first.
Chinook for
the feast. A few people congregated at the gravel bar on the Elders shared their memories and gifts the salmon
upstream portion of the Chehalis River. Things bring to the Chehalis People. There is always
This salmon ceremony must occur before open were gathered in the morning and the first fish hope and thanks to those that commit to protect
commercial fishing can take place. The timing of caught for the ceremony was placed onto a cedar future runs in the survival of this honorable
these feasts matches the arrival of the salmon and plank. Their songs and prayers were shared species.
the fishers spend several nights fishing until there before the release of the salmon.
is enough fish to feed everyone. It seems like Many Many Thanks
short notice and the use of oral tradition notifies Songs and prayers were sung and drummed to the
the community when the salmon ceremony will salmon people demonstrating that the Chehalis Gifts were given to many people who spent time
take place. people thanked them for providing nourishment and energy in making this ceremony a success.
and encourage the salmon to continue to return It was a day to remember to gather, feast and
Honoring the Salmon for future generations. celebrate in honor of the salmon people. Great
job everyone in keeping this celebration alive!
Other tribal members were preparing for this    Page 3
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