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Tribal Health and Wellness News

The Diabetes Community-Directed Grant Funding Awarded ATTENTION All CHS/
PRC Patients!
The Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center has been
awarded continuation funding for the IHS Have you been
Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) referred for medical
Community-Directed Grant. This money is care? Are you
used by the Chehalis Clinic to provide care and education for those Community Members who have receiving medical
Diabetes. Individuals who have Diabetes are at risk for developing life-changing complications such bills in the mail?
as blindness, amputation, kidney disease and neuropathy of their feet and legs.

Regular clinic visits are the key to preventing the complications of Diabetes. Often Diabetics only If so please bring
come to the clinic when they are “really” sick. When the Diabetic patient is being seen for an illness them to the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center so
there is not time to do the regular Diabetes checks. the Purchased Referred Care Department can
process and pay them.
If you are a Diabetic you should have the following Diabetes Wellness Check-ups:
Perform diabetes-focused visit Every 3-6 months Available
Refer to diabetes educator At diagnosis, then every 6-12 months; or more as needed
Check A1C Every 3-6 months
Review goals, medications, side effects Every diabetes visit

Check lipid profile Annually Are you Contract Health Eligible? Have you
Assess smoking/oral tobacco use Each Visit received you new ID card? This ID card along
Check blood pressure Every Visit with a Purchase Order will help to ensure outside
providers are billing the Purchased Referred Care
Check urine albumin/creatinine ratio At diagnosis, then annually Department quickly and accurately.
(UACR) for albuminuria using a random
urine sample At diagnosis, then annually; or eye specialist If you or your family members have not received
Retinal camera photo or dilated eye exam Each diabetes visit; stress daily self-exam their card, please see
by an opthamologist or optometrist At diagnosis, then regularly
Visual inspection of feet with shoes and Annually Deb Shortman at the
socks off Once < 65 Years old, Reimmunize if >then 65 years old Chehalis Tribal
Dental exam by dental professional Unvaccinated adults < 60 Years old Wellness Center.
depression, substance abuse screening
Influenza vaccine
Pneumococcal vaccine
Hepatitis B immunization

The Chehalis Tribal Diabetes team is currently working on a “Diabetes Clinic Day” for August, 2015 Chehalis Tribal
and encourages those diagnosed with Diabetes to please make an appointment to see your health care Health Fair
provider here at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center to have your annual Diabetes Check-up. You can
call the clinic at 360-273-5504 to schedule your appointment. Tuesday, September 15
This appointment generally is an hour long appointment. Please 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
be sure to bring in a list of your current medicines with you to Chehalis Tribal Community Center
your appointment.
For more information in the months to come
The Diabetes Community-Directed Grant funding will be used contact Christina Hicks, Community Wellness
to provide these prevention services to our Community Members Manager at 360-709-1741 or email chicks@
who have Diabetes.
If you have questions or want more information about the
Diabetes “Wellness” Clinic call Pat Odiorne RD, CDE at


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