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Interns continued from page 3 labeling and filing. Some of the outside stuff I of employees, which also came with multiple
did were things like washing some of the police responsibilities. One of the responsibilities
Jakeb Hoyle running down the escaped vehicles, delivering mail, and painting. learned was having to terminate a worker for a
prisoners in the VR Parade. lack of accountability which was not as simple as
During the driving course we did two things: I once thought. This was a difficult decision but
I finished all the documents, my supervisor sent The performance and the timed courses. The it had to be done. Another responsibility was to
them to the court house and they asked if I could performance course was a bit slower because you keep the schedule for all the workers organized
put in margins and footers on all of the papers. had to take your time on stuff like turning around and on task, as well as always keeping them busy.
I finished that job rather quickly, but in between and parallel parking, but you always have to
all that, I got to sit in on an official meeting and watch out for the cones because you can only hit But as a youth worker I learned things as well
hear what goes on behind the scenes. While some 4 cones. Now the timed course was a bit faster. which may possibly be useful in life depending
may say it was boring, I found working for OTA We had to take turns going 40-60 mph, and this on how I decide to plan my future and which
very interesting.  When OTA couldn’t find any time if you hit a cone your time goes up. career I choose to go into. But I learned about
more work for me to do, I was sent to work at the part of the fish anatomy, how to tell if the fish
Planning Department. While typing I had to focus on three main things: is male or female, and how to not hurt the fish
Digitizing a BIA Handbook, labeling, and filing. when we tagged them. I learned more about gular
While working at Planning, I learned how to While copying the handbook I had to make sure tagging which is where we place a tag in the
make business licenses and send them out to that I had everything perfectly spaced. Labeling fish’s stomach, we are not interfering with the
the clients. I also got to sit in on a meeting and filing however was a bit easier. All I had to feeding process cause usually when we gular tag
the department had, and worked on the float do was replace a few numbers, print the labels out the fish they have not eaten and have an empty
for the VR Parade. I learned how to use all and put them on folders with the corresponding stomach. I learned about P.I.T. tagging (passive
the equipment in the Planning Department, so numbers. After that I had to arrange each folder integration transponder) which is where we place
time really flew by in there. At the end of the day, in the correct filing cabinet. a tag about the size of a grain of rice in the dorsal
I enjoyed being in OTA and Planning, as they sinus which is at the base of the dorsal fin, this
helped me learn life skills and learn about the Last the stuff I did outside: Washing cars, does not hurt the fish cause it as an unused cavity
field I want to go into. delivering mail, and painting. Washing cars was in the fish’s body, but on juveniles (preadolescent
pretty easy of a job until I had to wash the van, or fish) we place in the pyloric caeca which is just
Shyann Ortivez: Working at the Head Start some of the bigger police cars. Delivering mail right on the under belly of the fish which also is
was a great experience. I worked with the babies was the easiest of the three jobs. I had to walk an unused part of the body of the fish.
and although they cried I had a great time. We to the Tribal Center and well.... deliver mail.
went for walks every morning. I would get a However painting was the hardest of the three Desirray Klatush: I learned many things this
little bored during their nap times but after naps because I had to paint the shed, trying to reach summer while working the summer. Working
we would eat and then play in the classroom. At places way over my head. at the clinic was an amazing and wonderful
times there would be one baby that would not go experience! I’ve gained a lot of confidence. I
to sleep, or they would sleep for twenty to thirty Kenedy Adams: This summer was a fun and learned how to put chart information in the
minutes and then end up waking the rest of the long summer. I worked at the youth center with computer and how to utilize the computer system.
babies up. It wasn’t easy, but I would not change some enthusiastic and mellow co-workers. We I would love to work there again. The people
this work experience. I am glad I was able to went on many field trips such as the movies, Mt. there are really amazing. I would like to thank
work during the summer, because it will help me St. Helens, Ocean Shores and more. I had started them for allowing me to experience all of this.
sooner or later in life. out being a stranger to some kids, but eventually
took a liking to me. I hope to come back next Chayse
Jakeb Hoyle: While I was working at law year. My supervisor was a great one. I would Youckton-
enforcement we did three main things: I took the slack off a bit but I’d bounce back to work pretty
driving courses, I typed, and I also did a lot of fast. Bonifer
outside stuff. The driving course involved the dressed
performance test and the timed course. While The most memorable part of this summer was as Austin
typing I copied a BIA Handbook and did a bit of going to the Northwest Trek. I had my own little Powers
group for the first time!! I was a little worried that during the
I was going to lose one. I didn’t, and they had VR Parade.
fun. Overall this summer was a fun, memorable,
and tiring one. Hope to come back next year!

Duane Gleason: Over the course of this time
I spent as a youth worker I was put as team
leader for the five other youth workers in the
Department of Natural Resources. I learned
what it is like to be a supervisor over a group

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