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(Casino), Carol Cordova (Skokomish VR Director),
Michelle Sorlie (Lewis County Public Health) and
Ollie Obi (Quinault Tribe).

Our winners for this year was:
Best Float
„„Planning Department 1940’s ~ 1st place

„„Enterprises 1960’s ~ 2nd place

„„Hotel 1950’s ~ 3rd Place

Best Dressed
„„Rodney Youckton (Enterprise) 1960’s ~ 1st place

„„Garth Hamilton (Accounting) 1960’s ~ 2nd place

„„All of Law Enforcement 1920’s ~ 3rd place

Youth Awards
„„Daryl “Bubbah” Boyd ~ 1st place

„„Kylee Secena ~ 2nd place

„„Falisty Bumgarner ~ 3rd place

Heartfelt Thanks! Thank you to all the departments
that participated: Accounting, Law Enforcement,
Planning, Clinic, Behavioral Health, Youth Center,
Education Program, Human Resources, Loan
Department, Chehalis Royalty, Lucky Eagle Human
Resources, Lucky Eagle Marketing, Lucky Eagle,
Chehalis Tribal Enterprises and all the youth that
walked in the parade! Our community loves this
parade and looks forward to it every year. Special
Thank You to Social Services for the donating the
BBQ lunch and Chehalis Tribal Enterprises for
donating beverages. It was good food and thank
you all for standing in the rain to help eat the food
as well! We had 30 raffle prizes donated for our
raffle. There was over 200 people that stayed for this
event. Thank you to local programs for coming out
and providing resources to our community. We had
Molina, Gravity, Reliable, PAVE, Resource Center,
Teen, Timberland, REZ Based GHC, Parent 2 Parent,
Department of Vocational Rehabilitation State office,
CISPUS Center, and Lewis County Public & Health
& Social Services. Big Thank you to Heather Hoyle,
Francis Pickernell, Vanessa Castle, Pam Youckton,
Tammy Boyd, Olie Obi, Philip Youckton, Leroy
Boyd, Samuel Starr-Wright and Meja Handlen.
Now, on to making sure we all can come up with a
great theme for next year’s parade…and hope for no
thunder and lightning storms!! Thank you all again
for making this a successful event!

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