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Interns continued from Page 1 comfort zone and work up front at the

they went swimming. Just recently the desk, but I quickly saw that the people
biggest ‘project’ of the internship was were kind and easy to work with. They
for the parade. Kennedy and I were both did need a little bit of organizing, so
assigned the task of decorating the youth I alphabetized the files for this year,
van with memories of photos at the youth cleaned walls and the sliding doors that
center. We had to work on it all day had been stamped, and also some dishes.
because they waited until last minute to Accounting got even better when they
tell us. But all in all it was a fun summer said I was going to construct their parade
working with the little kids and really float. Knowing that I would enjoy this,
seeing their personalities from day to day. I immediately starting figuring it out. I
searched the internet, then we voted on

Chayse Bonifer: Accounting is a fun which decade we would do. I bought

and educational opportunity. With a the supplies and decorated my mom’s

friendly environment, it is easy to enjoy car. All in all the accounting position
working at the office. I was able to learn 2015 Summer Youth Interns. Pictured back row (L-R) are Jakeb was a fun and educational process that I
Hoyle, Sean Allen, Jordan Bray, Sam Starr-Wright, Kelsey
how to use very interesting computer would hope to do again next year.
programs like Excel. Also I learned how Bray. Third row (L-R) are Emily Ortivez, Chavez Secena, Elijah
to work with P.U.D. I helped with paying Quilt, Baily Fern. Second row (L-R) are Chayse Bonifer, Farley Arielle Burnett: This summer I worked
Youckton II, Arielle Burnett, Desirray Klatush. Front Row at the Office of Tribal Attorneys and the
peoples’ bills by writing the receipts.
(L-R) are Shyann Ortivez, Savanna Bird, Kenedy Adams. Not Planning Department. I started out in
I would then enter the amount, name
and other essentials into the computer. pictured is Duanne Gleason. Photo Provided by Jodie Smith OTA and they had me retype Chehalis

Then I did a double check of all the money in tribal documents that hadn’t been put in

the morning from the day before. Working with good job for asking questions, and the employees electronic form. Some documents were only one
page, while others were around 15 pages. After
friends and family was nice too, because they always made sure I understood the purpose of
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all were kind to me and taught me well. It is a each of our actions. Then I had to step out of my

Chehalis Stream Team – Learning About Our Waterways

Sean Allen and Farley Youckton, II Each of the Stream Team youth earned their quality. And don’t worry, they got some fishing
looking for fish to identify boating education certification. Then they all in too – fly fishing and night fishing!
took turns operating a jet boat, air boat, and prop Towards the end of their time on the Stream
Over the summer the Chehalis Tribe’s Natural boat on Mayfield Lake. Next, the youth took Team, the youth presented the data they had
Resources Department was home to the second turns kayaking from Adna to the Oakville boat gathered to the Business Committee. Although
year of the Chehalis Tribal Stream Team. For six launch and measured the river water temperature, they were nervous to speak in front of them, the
weeks, five youth workers spent time learning dissolved oxygen level, and pH. Over the teens all did a great job sharing what they had
about the Chehalis River and conducting water summer, the youth entered their data and charted learned. The Stream Team project was funded
quality testing. This summer the Stream Team the average water temperature of the Chehalis by a BIA Tribal Youth Initiative Program grant.
included Bailey Fern, Farley Youckton, II, River. They found the average temperature to be This is the second year the Tribe has received this
Sean Adams, Sean Allen and Dewey Gleason. between 68 and 69, which is higher than normal, grant for the Stream Team, and we are all excited
The youth were led by Dewey, who was on the and can negatively impact salmon populations. to see the youth continue to learn about their river
Stream Team last summer and acted as a team and the fish is supports.
lead. Jason Gillie, the FFR specialist, supervised While the Stream Team was in the tribal
the Stream Team, but the Natural Resources staff waterways, they also learned to identify different Farley and Sean releasing a juvenile fish
all worked with the teens on different projects. juvenile fish, and they surveyed the streams after identifying it.
that feed into the Chehalis. The youth found
that some of the tributaries to the Chehalis were
much cooler than the river itself. In addition to
learning about the water and the fish, the Stream
Team learned how to operate the Tribe’s drone.
They were able to fly the drone and take pictures
of different parts of the reservation and the river.
Each youth learned to tag adult fish, and how
to use radio tracking to track the fish. Besides
testing the river and creeks, the youth also tested
the Tribe’s monitoring wells for groundwater    Page 3
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