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IfYou Have Diabetes,Take Care ofYourself by Getting a Flu Shot

If you have diabetes, getting the flu can give you You Won’t Get the Flu From a Flu Shot Mammogram Clinic
more than aches and pains. It can mean being The flu shot does not contain a “live” flu virus, so
sicker for a longer time. You might have to go to it cannot give you the flu. Some people may Thursday, September 10, and
the hospital. It is even possible to die from the get flu-like symptoms for a few days after the Thursday, October 22
flu. This is because when you have diabetes, your shot, but this is not the flu. 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
body’s flu-fighting system may not be as strong.
You may still catch the flu later, even if you had a At the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center
What is the Flu? flu shot. But the shot will help because you won’t (Assured Imaging will be here inside the clinic)
„„The flu is an illness that spreads from person to get as sick. You will be less likely to go to the
hospital. Incentives
person. It is different than a cold. The flu may Breast care information
give you: Your Family Needs Flu Shots, Too Drawing for a Pendleton blanket
The flu spreads very quickly from person to
„„Headaches and/or body aches person, so all family members need flu shots. Please call the clinic at 360-273-5504 to
Anyone over the age of 6 months can get one. schedule your appointment.
„„A 100 degree Fahrenheit or high fever Ask your family members to get their flu shots.
It will help keep them from getting sick. They If you have any questions regarding your
„„A cough and/or a stuffy nose will be protecting you and other family and eligibility please contact:
community members who have diabetes and
„„Chills other health conditions. Christina Hicks, N.W.W.P. Outreach Worker at
360-273-5504 EXT. 1741
“Every Woman counts, tell your sisters,
„„Nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea daughters, mothers, and friends to have a

Get a Flu Shot Every Year Contact your health care provider about getting a mammogram done yearly”
The types of flu change from year to year. To flu shot.
protect yourself, get a flu shot every year. The fall
season is the best time to get your flu shot. Staff Profile: Referral Coordinator CTWC

Diabetes Clinic Hi, my name is

September 22 and October 28, Lori Smith. I am
8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
the new Referral
Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center
Coordinator for
The Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center will be holding their Diabetes Wellness Clinics on the following
dates: the Chehalis Tribal

Wellness Center.

I am an enrolled

member of The

This day will focus on the care of the diabetic patient. We will have healthy snacks available, diabetes Confederated Salish
information, diabetes meter exchange if you are in need of an update meter.
& Kootenai Tribes of Lori Smith

the Flathead Nation Referral Coordinator
(Montana). Together Chehalis Tribal
Patients will have labs done, see their health care provider, and see the Registered Wellness Center
Nutritionist. Check to see when your last Diabetes eye exam, Diabetes foot exam, my husband and
and Dental exam were, review your immunizations, your medications, and also
screen for Depression and Tobacco use. I have 6 children and 11 grandchildren which

keeps us pretty busy with all the sports activities

If you are a Diabetic and have not been seen for your regular Diabetes care we want the kids have going on .
to see you. We will be having a Diabetes clinic every month, and plan to see all our diabetic patients.
I have previous experience working in a health
RAFFLE! If you want to schedule your Diabetes Appointment Please call Pat Odiorne, RD, clinic; I spent many years working at the
CDE or Christina Hicks, Community Wellness Manager at 360-273-5504. Skokomish Health Center. I am very excited
for the new opportunity to serve the Chehalis
All Diabetic Patients who schedule an appointment and complete all screenings community and look forward to working with
during their visit will receive a special incentive! And be put in for a raffle at end and meeting everyone.
of day!

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