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Chehalis Tribe Students of the Month By J. William Gleason

Kaytlin Pickernell (K-5) Jasmine Klatush (6-8) Roberta Youckton (9-12)

With her first year For the Junior High school, we would like to Please help me
of school underway, congratulate RMS’ 8th grade student Jasmine in congratulating
Kaytlin Pickernell is Klatush. For the month of September she OHS’s own Roberta
well on her way to has posted an impressive 3.95 GPA. This Youckton, an 11th
being an example of is common for Jasmine who very often has grader who has
a great student. As high marks in education. She is also a very posted a great 3.81
a kindergartner at dedicated and talented athlete. It should average for the
Rochester Elementary, come as no surprise that Jasmine’s favorite month of September.
Kaitlin has made part of school is sports. She is involved Roberta has shown
quite an impression in with Volleyball, Basketball and is also on great attention to
school. Rochester’s select team, the Chargers. If that her classes and is
wasn’t enough, she has given serious thought showing it on paper.
Her favorite thing about school in this first to joining the track team as well. She is When speaking to her teachers they had this
month is her teacher. Ms. Simmons has clearly a standout at the top of her class and to say. “Berbs (Roberta) is a great student. She
challenged Kaytlin with plenty of homework is someone who thinks before she speaks and
and she has enjoyed all of it. Stating, “I listen game. that amount of restraint at her age is rare and
to my teacher and she helps me if I need it.” when she speaks she means it.” And “a delight
This is also the advice she would give to fellow She attributes her success to her ability to pick to have in class, seeing a student take the
students. Just listen and it’s all pretty easy. up things quickly and adapt to any situation knowledge we give them and apply it is why
on the field and at the desk. When asked for we are teachers. Roberta makes me happy I am
Now that she has moved from Head Start to the advice to offer to the younger generation she a teacher every day.” Learning something new
big leagues, Kaytlin would like to take to the replied, “You have to stay focused on the every day is something Roberta takes pride in
field and give soccer a try. She is very active goal and stay away from distraction. If there and also what she likes best about school.
at the Youth Center and can run forever (an is something that motivates you, use it every
advantage of being young). Her advice to fellow classmates and the
chance you can” upcoming generation is to study, work hard
After Kaytlin has mastered the K-12 structure, and always pay attention. These are the tools
she would like to become an artist using After high school, with possible that have made her a success and they are
canvas and brush as her tools to greatness. Her encouragement by her father Chris, Jasmine is free. However, the most important tool is
inspiration for art is her Grandmother Kathy looking to attend the University of Michigan. punctuality. Missing school can make it much
Pickernell says, “She is a good artist. She While she isn’t going to limit herself to what harder to accomplish what Roberta has and
makes a lot of pretty jewelry. If you have seen she would like to study now, she is interested being on time is how she makes it look so easy.
any of Kaitlin’s work, you can see she will be in the idea of philanthropy. She chose to
a natural.” explain her goal with this statement, “All I After she has completed her time at OHS,
know is I want to help people.” This may be Roberta hopes to find a technical school to
Honorable Mention inspired by her attend for mechanics. She will keep her
most important options open when looking for a reputable
This year we are looking hero, her Mother college to accomplish this goal.
Pam. Jasmine
to give an honorable says, “She is For all that she has accomplished so far, she
always able to help says she owes it to her parents and siblings.
mention to our students when she is needed “In a time of need all of them have helped me
and is my biggest get though it all and have supported me and
who have shown a cheerleader. To my decisions.” Let’s all give a big hand to
describe her in one Roberta and encourage her for a bright future.
great improvement to
word… patient.”
themselves academically.

Chavez has shown a vast

improvement in his GPA,

moving it up nearly two

Chavez Secena full grade points. This is it wasn’t easy, I had to learn to not be afraid to become a computer technician by studying at
worthy of recognition and to speak up when I needed something.” This ITT tech.
is sound advice for any student at any grade
praise. When asked what has changed from the level. Chavez has found that his favorite part When asked who he would say are his heroes
of the new school is the teaching staff. “They are he simply smiled and said, “My Parents and
previous year to the present to generate such are always available to assist me and offer more Grandparents. They were there for me when
opportunities then I knew I had” times were tough. Not just for school but for
success he responded, “the encouragement to every issue I had with growing up. They taught
In the past Chavez has dabbled in sports and this me to focus on my goals and pay no attention
do the work.” This was quite a transition for year he is looking to get involved in the high to negativity or negative people.” Keep an eye
school track team. After his run at RHS he hopes on his continued progression to greatness. He is
Chavez in that he has made the switch from becoming better with every passing day.

Junior High to High School, while some might

feel the pressure, Mr. Secena has thrived.

“To make this year a great one I had to
understand it was okay to ask for help. While

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