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October Birthdays Continued from Page 8..... Native Families Gather to Help Each Other Understand Parenting

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday parenting, and they learn as they go. Every
year, millions of adults begin a task that is
Chairman long, difficult, sometimes scary — but always
rewarding. They become parents.

<3 Happy Developing a parenting style is important. The
GERRI Birthday dream for all parents is to raise a well rounded
SANDERS child into adulthood. How can you give your
KK kids the power to feel confident and able to make
Happy Birthday decisions, yet keep them from feeling better
Auntie!! than everyone else? This class will continue to
teach young parents how to accomplish this great
<3 Anna <3 Parents discuss developing a positive adventure of building your children to adulthood.
parenting style in raising their children. Trial and error is the key to learning, so support
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday their decisions as they learn but be their safety
Joseph “Little Pepper” On Monday, September 20 parents gathered net. They need to see that you are in charge —
Charles “Duffy” Black together to learn about some positive practices at but are trusting them to make decisions.
Delamater John Shortman, Sr. the Community Center. Not only was a delicious
From Mom & Butchie home cooked meal of barbecue ribs, corn on the During the class, we discussed realistic situations
From Your cob, and mashed potatoes served, but parents and each family shared how they would react to
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Family! gained skills with other families who are raising their children’s behavior. These examples were
MADISON G. their children. Children are such a precious positive and many agreed with each other how
CARTER resources, teaching them young in order to have a they would deal with these situation.
happy family and to keep peace in your home.

As we well know, raising children is a challenge
on its own. There is no book to teach us about

Happy Birthday Positive Indian Parenting Weekly Meetings - Gathering Room
What is the Healthy Families Project all about? 9/21/15
FROM THE GANG , AND It is a great program that provides the following Lessons of the Storyteller
MARY AND FAMILY „„Parenting skill development through positive Lessons of the Cradleboard
native parenting practices and resources
HAPPY Love You!!! 10/5/15
BIRTHDAY „„Support and assistance in accessing prenatal Harmony in Child Rearing
Happy Birthday care for pregnant women
DON Arny 10/12/15
„„Provide developmental guidance and parent- Traditional Behavior Management
AND MANY MANY L child interaction support.
MORE LOVE YOU o 10/19/15
v „„Provision of home visits for prenatal through 5 Lessons of Mother Nature
You!!! 10/26/15
„„Developmental and observational screening Praise in Traditional Parenting
of the child, caregiver, and family including
home safety, developmental concerns, pre/ 11/2/15
post-natal depression in mothers, domestic Choices in Parenting
violence and family social support
“Ask Aunties” Play Group
„„Referral and linkages to other health,
developmental, mental health, community and October 28
educational supports for the child, caregiver From 5:00 - 7:00 PM
and family as appropriate. Community Centers - CTWC PT Room

For more information contact Meal provided, Everyone welcome. No
Beth Klatush at 360-709-1627 reservations needed

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