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C h e h a l i s Tr i b e S t u d e n t s o f t h e M o n t h By J. William Gleason

Malikah McNair (K-5) Kirsten Secena(6-8) Arielle Burnett (9-12)

Our K-5 Student of the month This is going to be Kirsten’s last year at Rochester Arielle Burnett is a

is Malikah McNair. Malikah Junior High School and she has been honored by senior at Hoquiam High
McNair is a 4th grade student being voted student of the month all three years. School who has posted an

at Grand Mound Elementary Because of this we had to start asking different impressive 4.0 GPA in her
school. questions to keep the material fresh. For her 8th grade final year of high school.
year what would be something she would be looking
This year she has made forward to that she might have not attempted before. Over the past four years,
quite the improvement in She responded “I think I may try the knowledge Arielle has put up some
her academic journey. Her bowl.” This is similar to the debate team in many impressive numbers in
favorite subjects in class are schools and based on Kirsten’s GPA, she will have no the class room and in
Math and Writing. “When I moved here I was a bit problem holding her own in this arena. Even as she three sports. The most
behind the other kids in my class and my teachers answers questions she is confident in her answers and important thing about school for this future
have helped me not only catch up, but I’m doing chooses her words wisely. leader is knowledge and social interaction. “I
better than a lot of the others in my grade.” She has like learning new things and hanging out with
shown just how much she loves school by advancing Her advice has never changed, because it is what my friends.” The social component is equal
a full grade in her reading. What makes Malikah makes her a successful student, “As long as you pay to the education because you will have to be
an outstanding student is her ability to focus on the attention to what you are being taught and remember around people all your life. You might want to
lessons being taught. “I used to talk a lot more in that you have a due date for your tasks, you can be know how to do that. What makes Ms. Burnett
class, but I don’t really do that anymore. I have successful.” But continuing on her ability she said, a successful student? Accountability, “I am
been able to learn more by listening.” Sometimes “Don’t forget to use the tools they give you. We are responsible, I get my homework done and I
the simplest realizations are the most important. lucky enough to be able to check our grades and find listen to what the teachers say and do all I can
our missing work on line, so there is no excuse for to retain that information.”
If she could have a superpower she said something not getting your work turned in.” Also, “Remember
surprising, kindness. Not to fly or to be invisible, to keep the lines of communication open with your When you think of advice to give to the
but to be kind. Her reasoning was sound, “I would teachers. They are there to help you and they want all underclassmen, often students give you answers
want everyone to be kind and for everyone to have their students to learn.” based on school need. However, there is one
at least one friend if they didn’t have one.” This piece of advice that some students seem to
thoughtful statement my come from her involvement Kirsten continues towards her goal of graduating from forget and Arielle was sure to point out. “Have
with the Chehalis Canoe Family, something she has UCLA with a degree in exploratory medicine. With fun! Time flies as you get older.” This is a girl
been a part of since the age of five. This culturally this she hopes heal as many as she can. When asked wise beyond her years. This wisdom has made
strong group she is a part of allows her to visit many where she would like to work when she meets her Arielle the president of the Family, Career and
new places and make new friends who obviously goal, she said simply, “Help heal people in the United Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).
have had a positive influence on her. States, thinking globally, but heal locally. This is a national Career and Technical Student

While her adulthood is far away Malikah wants to Where does the inspiration come from? She always Organization that provides personal growth,
be a teacher. “Everyone deserves to learn and you has her mother and father on her mind, but has leadership development, and career preparation
will have a better life if you learn something new admiration for the on the court opportunities for students in Family and
every day.” She intends to keep her education close work ethic of Kobe Bryant. “He Consumer Sciences education. While presiding
to home because of the importance of family and always gives everything he has over this, she is also a full time athlete playing
to stay close to her biggest hero, her mother. When to his career. There isn’t time soccer, basketball and softball and also being
I asked Malikah why her mother was her hero she to make excuses. All you can placed on select teams for her skill and ability
said, without hesitation, “My mom does everything do is understand your mistakes in softball.

she can for me. She helps me through problems and and work as hard as you can to While there have been many colleges that
have interested Arielle, the choice has been
helps me with life.” correct them.”

~ Honorable Mention ~ narrowed down to Lower Columbia College.
This will give her a chance to play the sport she
Johnny Secena has shown great all subjects with emphasis on Math. loves and work toward her goal of a degree.
advances in his educational journey. In what you ask...only time will tell. There is
His GPA has been steadily increasing His ultimate goal is to one day take his no reason to rush such a big decision. Most
for the past year and would like to education and become an astrophysicist. importantly, she wants to learn how to live life
thank Jodie Smith for all her help in Keep up the good work Johnny. on her own and as we all know, that can be one
of the hardest things to do but with the way
Honorable Mention Arielle handles her education, she will excel at
Johnny Secena, Rochester Middle School anything she sets her mind to.

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