Page 11 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - November 2015
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2015 Community Halloween Party

Activities Saturday, October 31 was a night to remember Costume Contest
for the community hosted at the Community
Center. It was a fun day, with delicious candy,
creepy decorations, and adorable costumes to get
into the Halloween Spirit!

Many community members came to the
Community Center. Spectacular costumes were
worn by all ages. There were cute, scary, and
superheroes that could be found participating in
what the fun activities offered that day.

Cake Walk – No better way to get some
exercise and earn a tasty treat from the ghoulish
zombie. Music could be heard and when it
stopped, there was a mad scramble to find that
lucky winning spot. Squeals of delight rang out
from the contestants after she announced the

Needle in a Hay Stack – It was a fun game
as children were seen digging through the hay
to find a pencil. Winners were seen looking
through the wagon provided by the Youth Center
picking out their prize.

Costume Contest – Children and adults alike
got into the Halloween spirit as they paraded
their costumes in the community center. All,
from cute, superheroes and of course scary
costumes, were graded by the judges. Everyone
came out a winner!

Haunted House – Brought back by popular
demand….many volunteers dreamed up fun
ways to provide an adrenaline rush and scare the
heebie-jeebies out of unsuspecting participants.
The screams echoed throughout the Community
Center hallway from those that dared to meander
through the maze of darkened hallways of doom.

The volunteers had just as much entertainment
leaping out from around a corner, or sneaking
up behind them in their costume. It was a safe,
scary and fun activity for the kids as they moved
through a haunted house filled with ghouls,
zombies, haunting moans, scary laughter and
other frights.

It was a huge turnout and everyone had fun!
Many children were overheard talking about
looking forward to their evening of trick or
treating in their local communities. Yes, it was a
great evening and family fun for all. Thank you
to all the program employees, and community
volunteers who decorated and participated in the
haunted house!    Page 11
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