Page 2 - Chehalis Tribe Newsletter in December, 2015
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Dinner continued from Page 1 Pumpkin pie was plentiful and families took
home extra food and pie!

Thank You to Our Elves!

After the blessing, elders and families lined Our program would again like to thank the
up to be served a delicious feast provided by Lucky Eagle Casino for their support.  A
the Lucy Eagle Casino staff. special thank you to Philip Youckton, and
Leroy Boyd for set up of tables and chairs and
Penny Gleason, for all your help during the
event.  Thanks to all  who helped with clean

The children had fun coloring and visiting
Wishing you and your family a Merry at the craft table during the Holiday
Christmas and the Best in the New Year!  Dinner.

Chehalis Tribal Early Learning Chehalis Tribe S
Program News Community Christmas A
November brought joy to our handle emergencies as they arise. Party E
program as the new playground,
designed by Jenee Penn, from Our attendance did not meet our Sunday, December 20 T
Planning, with total financial federally mandated 85% goal in Starts at Noon H
support from the Business November. Head Start’s overall E
Committee was put to good use. attendance for November was In the Community Center
Special thanks to Jenee and the 83.67 % and Early Head Start was D
Business Committee, for their 83.33%. Please work together to A
continued support of active covered have children at Head Start and T
play spaces for our children. Early Head Start here at 8:00 am. E

To Trudy Marcellay and Cammi Volunteers are needed to read daily For more information
Wittwer for arranging a special field to children. Please consider coming contact Leroy Boyd at
trip to the GWL for snow flakes and and reading a story, telling a story,
story time, thanks to you!  Trudy or sharing an art or craft. 360-709-1787.
will also come and teach beginning Contact the Head Start Program
weaving to our children. Center at 360-273-5514 to
November and December rains and
wind allowed our center to again Families spend time together
test our Emergency Notification enjoying the activities
System which can send out a mass provided by the Head Start
text, email, or phone call to all Program.
parents. Another aspect of safety
that Early Learning practices is to
ensure that all children can leave
the building in under 2 minutes in
case of fire. Our monthly fire drills
ensure a quick exit. Both our baby
rooms use evacuation cribs to exit

Thank you Cal Bray, Emergency
Manager, for all your assistance for
establishing these drills in order to

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