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Winter Weather Chehalis Tribal Members
Has Arrived!
Indian Wills and Estate Planning Services
With the onset of the rain, cold and freezing temperatures,
the Emergency Management Dept. believes it’s important Indian Wills and Estate Planning Services are now being offered to all
for you and your family’s health and safety to be prepared. Chehalis Tribal Members who are 18 years and older.   These include Wills,
Here are some steps you can take: Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives, or Living Wills.
„„Keep cold weather clothing and extra blankets handy at
Jerrie Simmons is now available at the Chehalis Tribal Center three days a
home, work, and in your vehicle to use in an emergency week from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.
to minimize heat loss.
This service is without cost to Chehalis Tribal members who currently do
„„Make sure that portable heaters are kept away from not have a Will or would like to update a current Will. Her position is for
furniture, draperies and other flammable materials. legal questions, not part of the Office of Tribal Attorney. If you have a
legal question, she can point you in the right direction on where and who to
„„A trickle of hot and cold water might be all it takes to contact if she can’t help you.
keep your pipes from freezing. Let warm water drip
overnight, preferably from a faucet or an outside wall. For more information please contact Jerrie Simmons, Legal Advisor
360-273-5911, to set up an appointment and get the paperwork needed to
„„Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to un-insulated get started. 
pipes under sinks and appliances near exterior walls.
USDA Food Program
„„Clear your sidewalks of snow and ice with salt, deicer
and/or snow shoveling to avoid injuries. Please call the SPIPA Food Distribution Dates
Distribution Warehouse at
„„Wrap outdoor pipes and faucets to keep them from December 17
freezing. 360-438-4216 January 21, 2016
Monday through Friday
„„Disconnect garden hoses and, if practical, use an indoor Pickup is at the
valve to shut off and drain water from pipes leading to between the hours of Community Center from
outside faucets. This will reduce the chance of freezing in 8:00 AM till 4:00 PM
the short span of pipe just inside the house. Our staff will be happy to assist 9:45 AM to 1:30 PM
you in applying for this program.
If you’re leaving your home for travel or an extended
period... Chehalis Tribal Newsletter

„„Set the thermostat in your house no lower than 55°F. The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation...

„„Ask a friend or neighbor to check your house daily to “People of the Sands”
make sure it’s warm enough to prevent freezing.
Articles and opinions expressed in this publication are not
necessarily the opinions of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal
For low-income community members of the five Tribes SPIPA serves
Business Committee.
An attorney from the Northwest Justice Project will be coming to the South
Puget Intertribal Planning Agency’s (SPIPA) Squaxin Island Office the The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages tribal members to submit letters,
first Thursday of each month, unless noted otherwise, to provide free legal
consultations to eligible tribal members on civil legal matters. articles, photographs, and drawings to be considered for publication. These are

First THURSDAY of every month from subject to editing.
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Contributing writers, artists, and photographers include Chehalis tribal
SPIPA’s office at Squaxin Island Tribe
community members and staff. Submission deadline: Changed to the first of each
For more information please call Janel Riley at
1-888-201-1012, EXT: 0920. month (printed monthly). Business Committee

Tribal Center (360) 273-5911 Don Secena, Chairman
Harry Pickernell, Sr., Vice Chairman
420 Howanut Road Farley Youckton, Treasurer
Oakville, WA 98568 Cheryle Starr, Secretary
(360) 709-1726 (office)
(360) 273-5914 (fax) Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member

Chehalis Tribe’s Vision Statement Chehalis Tribal
To be a thriving, self-sufficient, Newsletter Staff:

sovereign people, honoring our past Fred Shortman,
and serving current Communications
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