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C h e h a l i s Tr i b e S t u d e n t s o f t h e M o n t h By J. William Gleason

Laela Baker (K-5) Annie Burnett (6-8) Desirray Klatush-Pope (9-12)

Laela Baker is For the month of November and over the course of As a senior

a fourth grade the first quarter, Annie Burnett has been a student at Oakville

student at to watch. As a sixth grader at Elma Middle, Annie High

Grand Mound has posted an impressive 3.6 overall GPA as her School,
Elementary who introduction to the new grading system. This can Desirray
has shown a be attributed to her ability to adapt well to new and has
great interest in exciting tasks in junior high. maintained

learning and has She is quoted as saying “I am a successful student an amazing
proven this by her because I can catch on quickly.” With this ability, 3.9 GPA
performance in Annie is gaining traction very fast and will continue for the first
class. Laela has to build her GPA over the years to come. quarter of
become a staple her last

in the Education When asked what advice she would offer any of the year at OHS. While there are traits that Desi
Department’s younger students who will follow her into the halls has at her disposal, she did not hesitate to
After-School Homework Club and uses her time of middle school she had this to say, “When you are say the qualities that made this possible are
wisely, completing all of her work quickly and in class, be sure to give your full attention.” This is efficiency and determination and there are
efficiently. One of her favorite activities at school information Annie will learn to use throughout her few quite as determined as she.
is reading. She is a big fan of the books Diary of a lifetime and it is great she is learning it now.
Wimpy kid. Her advice to students reads like a discipline

Laela’s advice to her fellow students is to pay Ms. Burnett enjoys the activities in her clubs, or an art form, “Do not slack off, stay on task
attention to what you are being taught, because Country Pride and 4-H, but what she enjoys the most and always strive to do and be the very best”.
this will make homework a lot easier. Also, limit about school is choir. It is something that she can This comes with its hurdles and difficulties,
your talking in class, especially during instruction build on as she moves into her new role as a student but Desirray makes it look so simple.
time. After talking to her teacher, these are
qualities that Laela has polished and has put to on the rise. There are many things she would like Desirray has been a very active member of
good use this year. to do but has made no decisions yet as to what those her schools extracurricular programs and
things may be. It’s very good to keep your options has lettered in Volleyball, and Fast-Pitch
This year has given Laela a new passion and that open and at such a young age. She is happy to just Softball. After she has finished her time at
keep her goals simple for the time being. OHS Desirray wants to attend the University

is basketball. She has attended many practices When asked about of Washington to further her study of nursing
and feels that she is ready for the court. While who a hero in her with an emphasis on pediatrics and become a
this is brand new, Laela plans on taking this all the life is Annie replied, pediatric nurse.
way to the pros. She will start here at GMES, take “My bother. He sets
it to the University of Washington and from there, a good example for Her personal heroes are her Nana, Paula
wait for her name to be called in the WNBA draft. achieving goals.” Pope, and her mother, Sassy. “They are
Her motivation for this has been the success of the Annie has her own strongest women in my life and I know they
Shimmel sisters, who have helped pave the way goals to set and her will always push me to be the best. They are
for tribal youth to believe that anything can be own accomplishments my biggest fans and I love them.

done as long as your give it your all. Laela knows to reach and having

that it won’t be easy but if it were easy, everyone someone so close to It’s only a matter of time before Desirray

would do it. You’d better buy your Baker jerseys her to model after, she becomes someone’s hero and inspiration in

now because the price is just going to keep rising. is on the right path. life. Who knows, it could be you…

~ Honor Roll ~ Congratulation to the following
students for being on honor roll!
Kennedy Adams Desirray Klatush Emily Pickernell
Kelsey Bray Jasmine Klatush Richard Romo
Steesha McJoe Kirsten Secena
Annie Burnett
Arielle Burnett Mya Ortivez Roberta Youckton
Kaylena Delgado Shyann Ortivez Destiny Zaidy
Faith Hoheisel Emily Ortivez

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