Page 11 - Chehalis Tribe Newsletter in December, 2015
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Veterans continued from Page 1 with a delicious meal.  The dessert table was

During the Dinner the audience were entertained
by the Chehalis Canoe Family. They sang, and
drummed blessing the event with their traditional

Chehalis Tribal Royalty said the Pledge Next to take the stage was the guest speakers Throughout the
of Allegiance at the beginning of the invited by the Veterans Committee.  Elaine room you could
Veterans Appreciation Day Dinner. Miles, the actress of Smoke Signals and Northern see decorated
Exposures gave an inspiring speech about how
The children made it a special night as the Pledge she raised an only son as a single mother, as he is honoring the
of Allegiance was given by our Chehalis Tribal on his third tour of duty as a Marine. Her speech veterans.
Royalty.  Madoleen Goddard, a Chehalis tribal was magnificent, earning her a standing ovation. 
member/second grader sang the National Anthem  She brought tears to many eyes. From the fruit
to a crowded room of veterans and community and cake
members. They received a thunderous roar of Many door prizes were handed out to all the
approval as everyone stood up to honor our Veterans in attendance. demonstrated
country and colors.  It set the tone for the rest of the love the
the night. 
Chehalis Tribe
The event would not be the same without has for all
honoring those who sacrificed their lives, never veterans.
to come home to their families.  The table had
different items representing a symbolic meaning Finishing off the raffles, along with a 55 inch
to honor them.  This was a surreal moment in TV, the dinner ended with the Chehalis Tribal
the ceremony that brought back some heartfelt Veterans retiring the colors.  And the volunteer
memories of those who didn’t return.    youth, adults and Veterans committee shook all
Veterans hands and thanked them for coming and
Let the feast begin! Our tradition invites Elaine Miles, the actress of Smoke for their service protecting our country.
Signals and Northern Exposure, gave an The Veterans committee included Nancy
veterans to serve themselves first.  For some inspiring speech about how she raised Romero, Chairperson, Gloria Jones, Jacinda
an only son as a single mother, and he is Legg, Josephine Aldrich, Meryl Goldstein, 
they could raise their hand to let the youth on his third tour of duty as a Marine. DeDe Draeger, Joe Talotta, Gigi Fisher, Tamra
Marlowe. These folks dedicated their time
know to bring them a delicious meal. The tribal Thank You and long hours to provide this wonderful and
successful event.
fishermen cooked the fish for the dinner along The Heritage Program and Penny Gleason, Lynn
Hoheisel, Jodie Smith and Joyleen McCrory The raffles ran throughout the evening.
Madoleen made beautiful Pendleton Vests for each of our Veterans were able to win awesome
Goddard, Chehalis Tribal Veterans: Don Brown, Darryl prizes as they raised their tickets in the
a Chehalis Cayenne, Art Medina, Dan Gleason, David Bird, air to claim their prize.
tribal Farley Youckton, Dan “Bones” Gleason, Frances
member/ Pickernell, Curtis Dupuis, John Jack, Robert More photos on page 12
second Penn, and Roger Shortman.  A big thank you to
grader sang these ladies for their hard work and the heart they
the National put into the beautiful vests.
room of
veterans and
members.    Page 11
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