Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter in January, 2016
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Elders Bazaar features
handcrafted treasures

Tribal community finds gifts galore at festive event

People came to shop for that special added a unique flair to the craftwork The annual Elders Bazaar on the first Saturday in December is a great place to shop.
gift for their loved ones at the annual they made by hand on materials such
Elders Bazaar on Saturday, Dec. 5, at as baskets, drums and wood.
the Lucky Eagle Event Center.
The annual Elders Bazaar is a great
The event was loaded with a variety way to meet new people and funding
of vendors to choose from. Many artists fun activities the Elders plan each year.
displayed their crafts and talents.
There was food, vendors and raffles
Wow, so much to choose from! The throughout the day.
warm atmosphere and friendly people
helped set a fun and festive tone for It made a solid start to the
many who were heading out to shop Christmas shopping season.
for the rest of their presents.
Mark your calendar next year for
These were no ordinary gifts to the return of the Elders Bazaar on the
purchase. Coastal Salish people artists first Saturday of December.

Hope to see you then.

Breakfast with
Santa creates
sweet memories

The Great Wolf Lodge hosted a Breakfast with
Santa for Chehalis Tribal members and their
families Dec. 19.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus were there to visit
and help make special family holiday moments.
This is the third year Great Wolf Lodge has
invited tribal members to join in the festive
activities creating a family tradition.

Santa was seen roaming around the room
visiting with children and their families.

The children were a little shy but they did
share what they wanted for Christmas. Some
were scared, but those precious moments were

After eating a delicious breakfast provided
by Great Wolf Lodge, families gathered to
take a picture with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. There
wasn’t an age limit either – great grandparents,
grandparents, adults and children alike made the
most of the opportunity to take a photo.

A special treat from Mrs. Claus made an
added memory, and the candy canes did not last
very long as they were gobbled up quickly by the

We cannot forget to thank the hardworking
staff who planned this event. Also to the cooks
and staff who helped create the delicious meal
provided by Great Wolf Lodge.

Thank you all for setting the tone for a
memorable experience for the 2015 Christmas

Mr. and Mrs. Claus pose for pictures
and entertain children during Great Wolf
Lodge’s Breakfast with Santa on Dec. 19.
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