Page 4 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter in January, 2016
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in brief Step up to winter challenge

New CTWC PRC available Participants will sweat SIGN UP n One hour and 15 minutes (75
it out with 150 minutes of minutes) of vigorous-intensity aerobic
Are you Contract Health Services eligible? moderate activity per week If you are interested, please contact activity (such as jogging or running)
Have you received you new ID card? Community Wellness Manager Christina every week and
This ID card along with a purchase order will The Spokane Tribe of Indians Hicks at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness
help ensure outside providers are billing the invites people to participate in the Center at 360-273-5504, ext. 1741, or n Muscle-strengthening activities
Purchased Referred Care Department quickly eight-week Physical Activity Winter two or more days a week that work all
and accurately. Challenge 2016 from Jan. 11-Mar. 7. major muscle groups – legs, hips, back,
If you or your family members have not Control and Prevention, ages 18-64 abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms
received a card, please contact Deb The tribe has challenged the entire need at least:
Shortman at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Portland Area Tribes, Urban AI/AN OR
Center at 360-709-1689. Programs and health boards and the n Two hours and 30 minutes (150 n An equivalent mix of moderate-
Portland Area Indian Health Service minutes) of moderate-intensity aerobic and vigorous-intensity aerobic activity
Ordering medications (including service units), to a physical activity (such as brisk walking) every n Muscle-strengthening activities
activity challenge to start the new week two or more days a week that work all
Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center patients: If year. major muscle groups – legs, hips, back,
you need medication pickup, please have n Muscle-strengthening activities abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms
your name put on our list by 10:30 a.m. We ask all participants to engage in two or more days a week that work all Participants who turn in their
Monday through Friday. “moderate-intensity” physical activity major muscle groups – legs, hips, back, weekly physical activity report and
You can call refills into 360-493-8614 or for 150 minutes or more per week. abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms do the 150 minutes each week for
360-456-5475. the entire eight weeks will receive a
If you have any questions, please call the According to the Centers for Disease OR T-shirt.
clinic at 360-273-5504.


Information displayed on any flyer, in email or
on our website calendar is subject to change
without notice. Please refer to the flyer’s
contact person for the latest update.

clinic schedule

Women age 40 and older should have a
mammogram once a year.
Swedish Mobile Mammography will offer
services in the parking lot of the Chehalis
Tribal Wellness Center from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on
the following days:
n Wednesday, Feb. 17
n Thursday, March 17
n Tuesday, May 31
Please schedule an appointment with a
provider to have a clinical breast exam prior
to your mammogram appointment by calling
the CTWC at 360-273-5504.
If you have questions about mammogram
clinics, contact Christina Hicks, community
wellness manager, at 360-709-1741.

Cut back on soda, snacks, sweets for kids’ dental health

The Huffington Post promote oral health. that instead of drinking staff would like to invite all
states that “carbonated For example, the article carbonated and power tribal members to have a
drinks, processed snacks drinks, try milk and fruit dental exam this year. They
and sweet treats can recommends kids eat raw juices. Water is one of the can chat about your dental
seriously affect a child’s fresh fruits rather than dried best drinks because it is pure strengths and, perhaps, a
oral health,” recommending fruits, which might result in hydration without the sugar. few dental needs.
alternatives that have sugar adhering directly to
less sugar and might help the tooth’s surface. As we start the year, Have a happy, smiling
the Chehalis Dental Clinic new year.
Dr. Elton recommends
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