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Faith Hoheisel ‘I would like to help children and be there enjoyed livestock judging.
for them when it seems no one else is.’ After this portion of her education
For grades 9-12
River Ridge High School one of the things she What more is there to give? She comes to an end, Faith plans to
11th grade has liked about the definitely has given it her all and has attend Washington State University
transfer is the staff advised other students that you have to get her degree in social work.
Faith Hoheisel is the December at River Ridge and to keep going. Giving up is not an
student of the month. She is the their ability to facilitate her move and option. “I would like to help children and
daughter of Jacob Hoheisel and allow her to have continued success. be there for them when it seems no
Kristie McIntyre and attends River Faith attributes her overall success Faith has been a part of the one else is,” she said.
Ridge High School. Faith has put to giving it all she has. athletic culture that usually comes
up great numbers in her junior year. “I think that as long as you always with high school and has participated This is a noble profession for
She recently transferred from Yelm give 100 percent, you will always be in basketball and fast pitch. She someone so young. Faith said her
High School but this has not had happy with the results,” she said. also has been involved in the future reason for wanting to help people in
any effect on her studies. In fact, farmers of America, where she has need can be attributed to her mother.
“My mom has supported me through
it all. I wouldn’t be me today without
her,” she said.

Mya Ortivez aspect of school. her ability to follow directions and school, she shows a discipline that sets
“I like hanging the leadership of her teachers. She her apart from others her age. With
For grades 6-8 is able to keep her school work in the help of her Auntie Alyssa Charles,
Oakville Middle School out with my friends tip-top shape and help other students she has been able to keep her eyes on
Seventh grade and finding new fun that might have a harder time the prize and create a discipline for
things to do,” she catching on. Mya is always focused in greatness. This discipline is something
Mya Ortivez is the daughter of said. class and stays prepared for anything she will take with her to the next level
Shawn and Crystal Ortivez and is a that comes her way. of education.
seventh-grade student at Oakville This can be tough
Middle School. Mya has posted a GPA in a small town but Not only does she have a firm Mya wants to attend a college but
of 3.71 during the school year. While she has been able understanding of the classroom will not be hasty in her decision. A
she is a fantastic student, her favorite to build quite a social network and but she also is a year-round athlete. good student of the world likes to
activities are built around the social keeps her education moving forward By being a part of the basketball, keep her options open, and Mya is
at the same time. volleyball and fast-pitch teams at definitely that.
The qualities for success have been

Dominic Delgado Family of the semester: dinner or just going out as a family for those two ladies with Kaelyn
Will and Misty Secena to take care of business, they do it waiting to beat the high bar set by
For kindergarden-grade 5 together. her sisters.
Rochester Primary School We would like to recognize a
Second grade family that has been a shining Kirsten and Kylee always have Will and Misty are working on
example showing the importance posted great marks in school. their eighth year of marriage and
Dominic Delgado is the of education and parental Kirsten is a regular on the honor have been together for 16 years.
son of Erin and Richey involvement for children in our role, and as soon as they give
Delgado and is a second program. Kylee a GPA, I’m sure it will be a The key to being such strong
grader at Rochester battle of who gets the better grades parents and leaders of this
Elementary School. The family of Will, Misty, amazing family is giving their
Dominic has shown great Kirsten, Kylee and, the newest children a place to be everything
strides in his classes on all addition, Kaelyn, has all the they want to be and express
levels including math and a makings of wonderful household. themselves any way they want
reading level much higher without fear of being judged.
than his class. The series that interests As individuals, Will and Misty
Dominic the most is the Black Lagoon. have shared accomplishments in They understand that to be
education. great, it can be as easy as just being
Dominic is a fan of the Spider-Man there for their kids’ ups and downs
series of superheroes for no other reason Misty received her Bachelor and setting a good example for
than because he is cool. If you ask what of Arts degree in business their children to follow.
power Dom would like, he would tell you management and Will has an
the ability to freeze things with his mind. Associate of Arts degree in Will would like to one day take
For what reason, you ask? For the same information technology. his family to Japan and Misty
reason he likes Spider-Man, because it’s would like to take the family on a
cool (no pun intended). When asked what their greatest road trip to the great places this
accomplishment in life has been, country has to offer.
When Dominic grows up, he would without a second thought, they
like to be a first baseman in Major League said “our children.” It is not a matter of if they do
Baseball. He plans to keep up his grades. these things but rather what will
Some of their time is filled with happen first. They are truly an
After college, keep a lookout for his “Netflix and chill,” however, Misty inspiring family and an amazing
jersey, Delgado No. 1. said they make it a point to spend group of people.
time doing things together. Contributed by J. William Gleason

Whether it is cooking a Sunday
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