Page 12 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - February 2016
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is a publication of the Confederated PERMIT No. 2
Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation.
* Or current resident GIFT families in the Rochester area. Of those served,
216 children from 75 families were adopted
12 From page 1 by community members or groups through
Operation Santa. Those families not adopted
YOUTH with the shopping, presents were wrapped by community members or groups came to the
with love and thoughtfulness. It brought Santa Store and were able to pick out gifts for
From page 1 smiles to those giving the gifts as well as those their children. Each child received a new outfit
receiving them. Yes, a gift of love, which is what and toys, along with stocking stuffers, warm
4 On the ball: Also back in November, youth Christmas is all about. hats, gloves and scarves, books, a board game
in grades 5 and 6 participated in a Lacey and a ball. Volunteers helped wrap Christmas
basketball league. They practiced during Thank you to all of the tribal members and gifts as well. Operation Santa was made possible
the week with Brandon Canales and Makayla employees who participated by purchasing by 63 volunteers who donated 373 hours that
Ortivez (also known as the MVP and all-star of gifts, wrapping presents or transporting items day. More than 100 donors gave toys, clothes
the reservation). The Saturday afternoon games to families in need. You all made this year and money to make this event one to remember.
were a thrill to watch. It also was nice seeing another success!
parents cheer kids on. They finished their league I would like to thank the Chehalis Tribe for
at the end of January. What a great season they From the Rochester ROOF Program its contribution of $2,000 to Operation Santa
had, their second one in the league. Way to go, and $3,000 to the Food Bank. The tribe’s
boys and girls. Looking forward to next season. Submitted by Kellie McNelly generous donation is greatly appreciated by all
Great job Brandon and Makayla for ensuring Operation Santa was Dec. 19, and this year of us at ROOF Community Services, especially
everyone had fun and enjoyed the season, win those that we serve.
or lose. Sportsmanship is one of the honors of ROOF Community Services provided new toys
and new clothes to 409 children from 150 needy
5watching our youth play in any sport.
Edge-of-seat antics: Holy smokes, the
sound of big engines starting up and
roaring is something to hear!
If you don’t know by now, Monster Jam takes
over the Tacoma Dome at the beginning of each
year. Big trucks, loud engines and gigantic tires
elicited huge roars from the crowd, including
cheers from Chehalis tribal families watching
the races. Seeing impressive jumps and clouds
of dust wafting into the crowd brought smiles
to our youth and adults. While watching the
action, kids sported eyes as big as softballs.
Go-cart racing also was a special attraction.
Monster truck T-shirts, models and flags, along
with remote-control trucks and hats completed
the night.

All of this enjoyment was made possible
through staff teamwork.

See you all next month!
Chehalis tribal youth soak up the sights and
sounds of Monster Jam at the Tacoma Dome.

Photos provided by Talisa Baker and Jodie Smith

Warm coats are a welcome sight for those in need.
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