Page 9 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - February 2016
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Keziah Gleason reader goal with time a new school, Keziah already has and no one shows how happy she
to spare, achieved her eyes on a 4.0 GPA but is aware can make someone like her grandma
For kindergarten-grade 5 her orange belt in that this will take a higher level of Penny Gleason.
Grand Mound Elementary School recorder karate and dedication and more focus on her
Grade 5 was just accepted into study habits. Her future plans have not changed
honor choir (a true much. When I asked her what she
This has been an exciting month passion of hers). Keziah said, “I love school, but I would be doing in 10 years, she
for Keziah in and out of school. also love to have fun.” Her fun has thought for a moment and said, “I’ll
She likes to set the bar pretty high As a year has been focused around her family. be 20, so I guess I’ll be in my second
because when she does accomplish passed, not much has Some of her favorite memories this year of college to become a marine
these goals, she feels the rewards are changed for Keziah as a student. year have been staying the night biologist at the University of Hawaii.”
that much higher. Although, she is very eager to at her Aunt Cindy’s house and
move into her first year of junior playing with her cousins, going on While she has all the makings
She has been progressing very fast high school, she is very happy to adventures with her Aunt Janet, and of being voted class clown, she also
in her abilities in math and reading spend this last year with the staff at “Every moment I get to spend with has the qualities of being an honor
comprehension. GMES. my grandma,” she said. student.
With the new form of grading in
Keziah reached her accelerated Keziah loves making people happy The sky is the limit, and Keziah
has just begun her ascent.

Steesha McJoe schooling fun as well every aspect of life. example set forth by her grandpa,
as educational. Steesha is a quick study and has Mel Youckton. She talks about his
For grades 6-8 ability on the baseball diamond and
Rochester Middle School Her favorite part learned that reading more and paying in the classroom very fondly and
Grade 7 about school is the attention is the key to understanding holds Mel in the highest regard.
opportunity to play a role of leadership.
Steesha McJoe, the daughter of sports and be a part By using these lessons to guide
Vanessa Youckton and James McJoe, of the band. This is knowledge that she has her, Steesha hopes to take her talents
is a student of few words but great taken into her participation on the to the University of Washington and
actions. When asked volleyball court and might opt to use focus on her passions, art and sports.
what makes her a it next year on the basketball court. Steesha has a bright future and it will
So far this year, she has put up successful student, she said, “I always be a treat to see her move forward
a 2.9 GPA and has been making try to get straight A’s.” “It is hard work and a lot of with her goals and dreams as the
the proper adjustments to make She looks at every class as a chance fun,” she said when asked how she years pass.
to learn and use that knowledge in feels about the sports she is in.
These qualities she attributes to the

Kelsey Bray that has always Attention tribal members
just come easy to
For grades 9-12 me,” she said. To be If you feel your child should
Oakville High School able to understand be nominated for student
Grade 10 math theory, you of the month, please
might as well say contact Jodie Smith at
“Greatness is what we repeatedly she is bilingual, too.
do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act The importance of or 360-709-1897.
but a habit” – Aristotle. understanding math
will surely help her in the future. State the reason why your
This is a quote that really explains With Kelsey’s first step well on child should be considered.
Kelsey Bray. Her attitude and drive its way to being completed, she has
are qualities she has possessed looked further on the horizon at Deadline is the last Friday
throughout her academic career. her college career. With her life’s of each month.
However, to Kelsey, these have been work focused on being a surgeon,
learned qualities. The lessons given Kelsey hopes to attend Mayo Medical From the education
by her mother, Tracy, have always School. Mayo is one of the 11 top department
been a driving force in her success. medical schools in the nation and
the No. 1 choice for Kelsey. Congratulations, keep
“My mother has always taught me Once all the fun of saving lives up the good work!
the importance of education and its has fulfilled her, she would like As a reward for their
connection to success.” to take a well-deserved vacation in commitment to school
Paris. and personal growth, each
Her simple explanation of how “Paris is a place I have always student of the month will
to do it is to stick with school and dreamed of visiting since I was little,” receive a $50 gift card.
pay attention. I have witnessed this she said.
firsthand. During times when the Kelsey dreams big and has the Contributed by
rest of the class seems to be in chaos, skills to force reality to catch up to J. William Gleason
Kelsey is the eye of the storm. She her.
remains undistracted.

Her favorite subject in school is
mathematics. “Math is something
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