Page 6 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - February 2016
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Greetings and wishes for Cut wait time with urgent care
good health this new year
Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center Providence Pediatric After
Welcome to the Community Odiorne to start the recommends using the nearest urgent Hours Clinic, 914 S Scheuber Road
Outreach Corner. process. You’ll need to cares facilities in our area. Centralia, 360-330-8526
I would like to give you get a form filled out
the process for patient transportation. by a medical provider Wait times are half of what you’ll Hours: 6-9 p.m. Monday-Sunday
To request a transport to a medical stating you are home- wait in an ER. Here are area urgent Woodland Urgent Care, 1299
appointment, you need to call or bound and can’t leave care options: Bishop Road Chehalis, 360-748-9822
visit the front desk reception at the your home to eat at Hours: 7 a.m.-8pm Monday-
clinic and it will get processed and the elder center. This Summit Pacific Medical Center Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday-
sent to me. If you are at a medical MARY SECENA is a requirement of Urgent Care, 600 E Main St. Elma, Sunday (noon-5 p.m. holidays)
appointment at the clinic and in need Community the grant we have that 360-346-2222 Westcare Clinic, 3000 Limited
of an emergency transport, the medical
or dental staff will contact me to see Outreach Corner pays for the elder meal Hours: Noon-8 p.m. Lane NW Olympia,
whether I am available to transport you. program. Monday-Friday, 10 360-357-9392
We are switching from Geneva a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday- Hours: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
If you are on the Medicaid program, Woods CHS pharmacy to Safeway in Sunday Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-
you are eligible for transports through Centralia. If you want your medications 5 p.m. Saturday-Sunday
the State Paratransit program. This picked up, I get medications at Safeway Valley View Walk For questions and more
is a program that will have a driver on Tuesdays and Fridays. You need In Clinic, 1800 Cooks information, call the clinic
pick you up at your home and bring to have your name on a list at the Hill Road, Suite G at 360-273-5504.
you back to your home after your Centralia, 360-736-3042 For life-threatening
appointment. Once you are registered health issues, call 911 and/or
in their system, you just need to call Hours: noon-10 p.m.
them with at least a 24-hour notice Monday-Sunday (for go to the nearest emergency
and schedule your transport. services after 8 p.m., call room.
to see whether time slots
I deliver elder meals starting at are available)
11:30 each day, so early morning
transports are best for me or late clinic if you want me to pick up your
afternoon. To be eligible for home- medications. Remember to not wait
delivered meals, you need to see Pat until you run out of medications before
you call them in. It can take a few days
for the refill process, so allow time.
If you need me to do regular check-
ins at your home or at the home of a
loved one to check on health or safety,
please give me a call. I can be reached
at 360-709-1758.

WIC THROUGH SPIPA You might be eligible for
WIC services through SPIPA:
n Checks to purchase nutritious food
n Nutrition and health education Getting food stamps/basic foods?
n Breastfeeding education and support Pregnant or have a child under the
n Referral to health and human services age of 5?
Dad, grandparent, foster family or
CONTACT other care giver of children?
Debbie Gardipee-Reyes, Under the age of 5?
360-462-3227 or Patty On Medicaid or TANF?
Suskin, 360-462-3224
For Chehalis: Debra Many working families are on WIC.
Shortman, 360-709-1689 Is your income within these

People Maximum Maximum
in your annual monthly
household income income

2 $29,471 $2,456
3 $37,167 $3,098
4 $44,863 $3,739
5 $52,559 $4,380
   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11