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Changes to our newsletter Lucky Eagle
Hello my fellow tribal and not be printed; only the words of
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2016 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter. the newsletter? If your family comfortable
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hard work they put into Feel free to email me any
resources for the tribe.
If you wish to contribute suggestions, but remember to keep
it positive. For questions, contact
birthday wishes, please email me a me at 360-709-1726 or email
digital picture with your birthday fshortman All
greetings. Please note that photos comments will be kept confidential.
need to be clear, in focus and high- Have a great day!
resolution (300 DPI). You also can
bring original images into my office Communications Coordinator
and I will scan them in. Any photos Fred Shortman, Chehalis Tribal Hoppin’ casino bar a dream
that do not meet requirements will Newsletter come true for sports fans

in brief Northwest-themed CraftHouse opens at Lucky Eagle

Indian wills, estate planning Chehalis Tribal members: We have home Game on. to explore different flavors and
improvement loan dollars. You can apply for The Chehalis Tribe’s Lucky Eagle types. Signature cocktails from local
Indian Wills and Estate Planning Services are up to $25,000 with low interest rates. Casino & Hotel opened its much- distilleries also will be featured.
offered to all Chehalis tribal members who are We will offer an Indianpreneurship course anticipated CraftHouse sports bar Jan.
age 18 and older. These include wills, powers May 3 and 4. You must attend both days to 20, offering guests an exciting new “CraftHouse is a terrific new
of attorney, medical directives and living wills. receive a certificate. Sign up by April 25. venue to cheer on their favorite teams addition to our expanded facilities
This service is free for tribal members who Call our office at 360-709-1631 or go to while enjoying exceptional food and at Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel,” said
don’t have a will or would like to update a will. to sign up. beverages. Chehalis Tribal Chairman Don Secena.
Legal advisor Jerrie Simmons is available Please send letters of interest to jburnett@ The unique, industrial decor pays “Our guests will love the exciting
from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. three days a week at or to Julie Burnett, executive homage to Northwest sports teams, atmosphere and new amenities.”
the Chehalis Tribal Center. Simmons’ position director, P.O. Box 536, Oakville, WA 98568 and the menu features pub favorites
is for legal questions, not part of the Office of as well as new offerings. The space The casino expects the bar to be
Tribal Attorney. If you have a legal question, Job fair was designed to offer comfortable bustling immediately as basketball
she can point you in the right direction on seating – including a dedicated family fans (on the heels of football fans)
where and who to contact. If you are seeking employment, check out the area – with great views of events on 20 come in to watch their teams, and the
Contact Jerrie Simmons at 360-273-5911 Chehalis Tribal Enterprises Job Fair from high-definition televisions and a huge warm days of spring promise the same
to set up an appointment and obtain the 9 a.m.-3 p.m. March 9 at Great Wolf Lodge. movie-style screen. Live music acts with a full season of baseball and the
necessary paperwork to get started. Representatives from the Chehalis Tribal and banquets will be in an adjoining summer Olympics just around the
Enterprises, including Lucky Eagle Casino & entertainment room. corner.
Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund Hotel, Great Wolf Lodge and the Chehalis Tribe, Of course, cheering on your
will be available to answer questions regarding favorite teams requires the very best “Our new CraftHouse sports bar is
Entrepreneurs: the Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund job opportunities with these companies. refreshments, and CraftHouse is up a great place for our guests to enjoy a
offers business plan courses and has business All qualified applicants will receive to that challenge. The bar will offer meal in a fun, exciting atmosphere,”
lending dollars for you. Consumer Loans in the consideration without regard to race, color, more than 35 beers on tap focusing said Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel CEO
amount of $1,000 are available with one-year religion, sex, national origin, disability or on Northwest craft brews, and flights John Setterstrom. “We’re proud to
terms. You must be employed or have access veterans’ status. Tribal preference will apply in of beers will be available for guests feature local products.”
to auto pay with a bank account. accordance with Chehalis tribal law.
For more information on the sports
bar or other casino offerings, call 800-
720-1788 or go to
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